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Your Brain Chemicals with Loretta Breuning
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Your Brain Chemicals with Loretta Breuning

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Loretta Breuning: Study of the brain chemicals in animals and finding correlations in order to help us understand our brains more. 

Life is complicated, Loretta found that many children struggled in school in a similar way, mainly a lack of motivation.  A motivation to do things that aren’t necessarily fun. 

The animal brain does what it needs for reward.  In the modern world you can do a whole lot, for a reward, without the need to do very much.

Loretta speaks on how the Society has made life easy and simple, yet we are taught that things are hard, that you experience mental illness, that you are a victim.  We need to become aware of the power that we hold over our brain chemicals.

Our brains are amazing, we have two main parts to our brain, the 1st part that makes humans unique from animals.  The 2nd part that controls the chemicals, the fight and flight for example, which is almost entirely the same as apes.  We can look to animals to understand ourselves much more. 

Loretta teaches us how we look for 1 up opportunities.  She makes it simple for us to understand how to simply take hostile situations in the mind and build an awareness that can help us overcome stressful, traumatic, or degrading situations.  These aren’t necessarily big moments; this includes small moments such as someone not laughing at your joke. 

Ways to distract yourself from letting your brain chemicals negatively affect you.  

Distracting are healthy for 20 minutes

It’s time to get in tune with your inner mammal!  Check out Loretta and her book for more information!

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