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What is SuccessQuest?
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What is SuccessQuest?

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Welcome to the SuccessQuest Podcast! In this podcast, Kalob Valle and Jacob Harmon will explore the truths of success. 

In this episode, Kalob and Jacob introduce themselves and SuccessQuest.

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Kalob: Hey there, and welcome to the first ever episode of SuccessQuest. I'm Kalob Valle  

Jacob: and I'm Jacob Harmon  

Kalob: and here on this podcast. We're going to be uncovering the truths to success. But before we jump right into that, let's go ahead and introduce ourselves starting with Jacob.  

Jacob: Yeah, so, my name is Jacob Harmon and I'm originally from Wyoming a small town in Wyoming. When I was growing up, I learned to work hard. My dad was always doing projects and I was always helping him out with them. And I kind of got an entrepreneurial mind from that time of my life. I remember starting my first business when I was about 14 years old. I actually created a wind turbine and solar business which never worked out. I never sold one thing but I did learn a lot about business. I wanted about creating a plan. I learned how to create a website because I built a website for myself. That actually transformed into something later on in my life when I was in college. I started a web design company and it literally got me through college. I finish college debt-free because of it. I was able to build a lot of different websites for a lot of different clients and that was kind of where my success kicked off. I really enjoy technology one of the things that I'll probably be talking about a lot on this podcast is how to use technology to help ourselves and to let it be a tool rather than. a hindrance  it's kind of crazy to be doing a podcast because I love podcasts. It's something that I'm constantly listening to podcasts. In fact, my wife makes fun of me because I'm all I always have my are pods in my ears listening to a podcast. So it's kind of surreal to be recording something and knowing that it's going to go out to the world. So. I'm just happy to be here. Honestly. What about you Kalob?  

Kalob: That's awesome.  yeah my background basically when I was 10 years old and I mean, I didn't grow up super wealthy. We were kind of on the Poor Side growing up. I shared a bedroom with my two brothers and sister until I was about 12, but when I was 10 years old, I remember asking my dad for a Pokemon game the new Pokemon game. I was such a nerd growing up.  but my dad looked at me he was like, I'm not going to. You then you game is too expensive. We don't have the money for that. We don't have that budgeted on the side, you know, and so I asked my dad I was like what can I borrow some money instead so I can go make some money. It's like sure how you going to do that. And I was like, I don't know so we both went out and we found this guy who was selling glow sticks. This is super random by the way, but he was selling he had a whole thing of 10,000 glow-sticks tons of boxes. He was going to sell them for I think it was like 300 400 bucks and we. So we bought it at 300 and everyday after school for a year and a half. I went out and sold glow sticks door to door and. After obviously, I couldn't just keep selling to the same neighborhood. I went out to different neighborhoods. I started going to local games and eventually I was just taking glow-sticks everywhere. I went because everyone I talked to would buy a glow stick from a little ten-year-old boy, you know, I was like this is fantastic, but I learned something that day about business and sales and how it would just change my life forever since then. I've been a Salesman for over a decade like since that day. I've held a job. In sales, whether it was door-to-door or if it's inbound calls outbound calls in a call center. I've sold by everything and honestly, it's been an amazing experience because I kind of understand on an advanced level of the strategies and techniques you use to sell the people because that's my background. That's what I did for ever. But I also. Can't say that I ever sold anything of real value. You know, I it's one of the reasons I want to get into business because I want to do something of my own. Sell something that's meaningful to myself and other people. Anyways, I could talk about from Forever about this. But  I my background is in sales. I love business. I'm super excited about SuccessQuest. I guess maybe we should just talk a little bit more about SuccessQuest now.  

Jacob: Yeah, absolutely. So Kalob, you're the CEO of the company. You kind of came up with the idea and started this whole thing. So, how did it start? What's the story of SuccessQuest? 

Kalob: Well snap man. Every time someone asked me about a story. I'm gonna go on for em, just I could go on for forever. But um the the story behind SuccessQuest itself about a year and a half ago today. I wanted to get into real estate really bad. I just wanted to get into business really bad not real estate per se just business in general and I heard this quote and I love this quote. It's that the best thing you can do is to. Just jump out of the airplane without a parachute and just grow your wings on the way down. The I heard that and I was like, you know, I don't know. Okay, literally you don't want to do that que no one jump out of an airplane and expect Wings to grow but figuratively speaking in a business sense. You do just kind of need to do it, you know, and I felt like I've just been kind of scared to do so for so long in my life to do something big.  so I was just like, you know, what forget about it. I woke up one day and I was literally like let's do this and I just went full fledged into real estate and I went to this huge convention and I noticed that it was awesome. Like it was fantastic. I was surrounded by like a thousand people. Everyone was just pumped everyone wanted to learn there were tons of people who are just like me wanting to learn how to become financially stable financially free, but create passive income and the speakers were all amazing and they were all teaching things. Maybe weren't necessarily tied to becoming financially free. They were tired. They just becoming a better person and of course at the end of all these conventions as they always do nowadays. They sell huge programs worth thousands of dollars that no one except for maybe 10 people in the audience can afford and that's it after the two-day events. I couldn't afford their big program. It was like twenty thousand dollars for the program. It was crazy and I went home super motivated, but then two weeks three weeks later. It's kind of like it just kind of died. You know, that's the worst that's horrible. And I feel like that happens to people everywhere. If they can't afford the programs, they lose out on the opportunity to learn how to truly become successful right? And so I wanted I want SuccessQuest. To be something that inspires and motivates people but empowers them so that it's not just two or three weeks later. They're going back into the same style of living but that after those two three weeks they can expect something more every month and continue to grow and and take steps towards progressing their journey to success. 

Jacob: That's pretty amazing. I've definitely had those experiences where I go to something and I learn and I feel super pumped, but then you go back home. You get back into your normal life you get back into your normal routine. And since it's not something that's constant you lose that you lose that motivation in that excitement. And so I think a big thing we're trying to do with SuccessQuest is have that motivation that inspiration be continuous something that you get a little bit of every day. And we have monthly events or monthly videos that we’re putting out things that are constantly going to be inspiring you so that you can continuously be inspired and motivated. 

Kalob: That's that's pretty amazing. So um to continue how do we get together? You want to talk about that Jacob? 

Jacob: So Kalob and I actually first met at a college dorm party my roommates. We were pretty tight with another apartment of girls, of course and one of those girls was really good friends with Kalob's. So that's kind of how we met first, but we never we were never like super tight friends. It's not like we hung out a lot. We just met each other once at this thing and became friends on Facebook and fast-forward a few years down the road. I'm scrolling through Facebook like you do. Unfortunately like I do way too much and I found this little gem because. Kalob posted and I don't remember exactly what the post said, but it was something along the lines of hey all my friends that are in the business. I'd like to chat with you sometime. Like I'd like to get together and talk business. I have this idea or something like that along those lines and I reached out to Kalob and I said, hey what you up to man? Like I own a business and I'm designing websites. I'd like to figure out what's going on here. So he took me out to lunch and. Originally, we just talked about business. He talked about his real estate business. He was trying to get going and off the ground and I talked about my web design business and then it kind of turned into something more. He shared this idea for SuccessQuest that he had that kind of blew up from there and fast forward a few months and were Full Speed Ahead trying to create this new amazing thing.  

Kalob: I love that it's funny because I can't even remember what I posted. Honestly. I just know that like in that moment. I had this idea for SuccessQuest and I just wanted to see who of my friends I could talk to you about it because I there's no way I could do it by myself, you know, and I wanted to find people I could trust to help me. To motivate me so we could actually make this dream a reality because everyone does business, you know for personal reasons everyone wants to make a profit, but I feel like this. Has meaning behind it, you know, we we want to build a positive Community. We want to help the people around us to become successful, you know, a lot of people think that this is a dog-eat-dog world where you're supposed to just think about yourself first and kind of leave everyone in the dust that you want to learn about the secrets to success because no one you and you don't want to share them. You know, you want to keep them to yourself. We don't want to do that. We want everyone everywhere to be able to afford. To get that that roadmap so they can go find the X wherever the treasure is in their life wherever they’re successes so that everyone can reach it. You know, I think that's that's so huge. I don't want to charge people tens of thousands of dollars so they can finally learn what it takes to be successful. I I want to charge them, you know little to nothing so that everyone can can reach that point in their lives because I think. Everyone wants that everyone is dreaming about that. But a lot of people don't act on that because it's expensive or because it's scary, you know, but  let's go ahead and continue talking about just exactly what the vision is for SuccessQuest. Jacob you want to start us off? 

Jacob: Yeah. Absolutely.  I would say the number one goal for us at SuccessQuest is that we really want to make a difference in the world and we want to make a difference in your life. We're not experts. In fact, I don't even know if you could call us successful yet. We're not millionaires. We don't. I mean a lot of times you listen to a podcast because someone is an expert in the field, right the other times you listen to podcast because it's someone you can relate with and someone who's on the same Journey as you and I'd say that SuccessQuest is the latter. We are working towards success and we're working towards learning the were in your shoes. We are on the same path as you are and our goal is to get other. Who are experts and we're going to combine all that knowledge and we're going to bring people on our podcast. We're going to have guests at our events. We're going to have people posting on our website. We're going to bring all the experts together in one place so that we can go on this journey with you and we really just hope that we can make a difference in someone's life. Even if it's just our own honestly.  

Kalob: I think I think that's spot on.  we want to help everyone and especially you who's listening who are listening right now because if you're listening to this podcast, it means that you're trying to find success in your life right now. And I think the the biggest thing about this podcast is that we're trying to teach people that success is so much more simple. Then people realize you know, it is Broad there are lots of topics to talk about within success a lot of subcategories, but it really is so much more simple than people put it out to be and people think you know, they wake up in the morning like man. I'm working a nine-to-five job, you know, I'm debt free, but I don't feel like I'm successful yet, you know, and they take everything they have for granted. I'm you can be successful and not be. That's the truth of life, you know, and so when people tell you you have to have this type of business and make tons of money to be successful. It's not true success is not limited to being financially to the financial and that's a lot of what we're going to be talking about over the long-term. How can you support this cause okay because I think this is important. We want to help you. We want to help everyone in our community. And as far as our arms can reach Because the Internet is amazing. We can reach people all over the nation all over the world, but. This information will never get to them if people like you don't share don't subscribe and really dive into the vision for SuccessQuest and we believe in this wholeheartedly now this this first episode is a little bit different because we're talking about ourselves a lot talking about the business a lot. But these next few episodes are just incredible. We're going to be diving into some of the specifics of success. And like Jacob said we're not experts per se but we're learning for you and we want to share this knowledge with you and with everyone that you are connected with on Facebook on Instagram wherever it may be. So we're taking the time out of our Lives to help you guys learn all this stuff yourself. Like we said we're trying to Revolution revolutionize education because a lot of the stuff that we're going to be talking about isn't stuff. You can get at college or high school. Okay. This is this is big. This is the real life stuff that you guys are going to need and definitely want I can tell because you're here still but  How can we how can you guys help? Well first I think you guys can help us by subscribing and raiding our pockets really well. That way other people can see that you know this that we were the real deal and. 

Jacob: We're going to be have putting this podcast on all the popular podcast apps on Apple podcast Google podcast Spotify. So whatever app 

Kalob Valle: in give us a rating subscribe and listen to us every week another few things. You can do that are completely free by the way Kalob mention that we want this to be. Accessible to people and we want people to be able to access this content at little to no cost. So we're going to be offering a lot of things for free if you go to our website, which is, you'll see a bunch of the free content that we offer we're going to be posting blogs. Obviously our podcast will be there will be posting videos. We even have a music playlist of just inspiring songs that you can listen to and we also have a recommended book list if you're just looking for a book, to inspire you and motivate you we're going to be putting some of our favorite books on there. Then we're also going to be having some content that you do have to pay for and more information on this will be coming out later, but we're going to be organizing Live Events. And if you're not in the area where we're going to be doing that you will also be able to access those events via a live stream and some other content to that. We'll be talking about in the future, but stay tuned for that and we'll be giving you some content that you can give us a little money for but really will make a huge difference. Anything else you can think of Kalob. 

Kalob: No, honestly, we're so grateful for you guys. Who are listening to this podcast right now who are going to share comment subscribe. I mean this this is a really big deal not just for us, but I think for the community for the people around us. So thank you so much for listening to this podcast. We are so excited to have you for the next episode. So come back. Thank you. Thank you and have a good one and make it a successful day guys.