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Utilizing your Brain's Full Potential | Odille Remmert
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Utilizing your Brain's Full Potential | Odille Remmert

Show Notes

Odille Remmert Brain Full Potential

Odille will take you on a journey to fully unlocking your brain’s potential! If you've been wondering how to overcome fears, past traumas, and overall change the way your brain works this is the podcast for YOU! 

  • Toward the end of 2015, at 51 years old, Odille was divorced, renting a room in a shared house in England, cleaning other people's houses, and still unable to pay her bills. This, after a lifetime of struggle (financial and emotional), including extraordinary failures, fibromyalgia, IBS, and suicidal plans.
  • In 2016, not only was she able to pay her bills, but she'd also travelled to America (multiple cities) three times, Spain (twice), Ireland, and Greece (paying for her sister and son to come with her to Greece).
  • She now lives in Peoria, Illinois (which she loves), is married to the love of her life (they met in Feb 2017), doing what she loves for a living AND - She now owns the rental properties she used to clean! 

What Changed:

She discovered two things that helped create the success she experienced:

1 - Based on the latest in neuroscience, She conditioned her brain and body, physiologically, to produce more "feel-good" chemicals like endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin (which she then developed into a modality, and wrote a book on the topic: You Have a Superpower).

  • Whenever you're feeling any negative emotion, your brain and body are producing stress chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol.
  • These stress chemicals cause blood to drain from the prefrontal cortex of your brain (where you do your cognitive thinking like problem-solving, strategizing, processing information, and noticing opportunities) - so you literally can't think straight and your judgement is impaired.
  • When you switch from stress chemicals to feel-good chemicals, blood returns to the prefrontal cortex, bringing that part of your brain back "online".

So, feeling good is about more than just feeling good - it's about keeping your cognitive thinking online! ;)

2 - Again, based on neuroscience, she discovered the connection between subconscious "evidence" from childhood and teenage experiences, that "proves" who we are and how the world works - and the results and struggles we experience in life as adults... and how to change it.

For more on the science behind that, here's an article that sites some of the scientific references:

Can We Change Adverse Childhood Memories?

She and her husband created a proprietary modality: The Remmert Method - which helps people to:

  • Gain complete control over their emotional state (and condition their brain and body to produce more "feel-good" chemicals - like you would condition your body to get fitter through an exercise program. 
  • Change the original subconscious "evidence" that is supporting the limiting subconscious beliefs ... that are creating the current results

It's like changing the "GPS" in your subconscious - to where you want to go, rather than leaving it on "default".

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