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Talents: How to Recognize & Develop Skills & Abilities
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Talents: How to Recognize & Develop Skills & Abilities

Show Notes

This week, Kalob and Jacob discuss talents and how we can recognize the things that we’re good at. Talents are an integral part of becoming successful. We also talk about how you can develop and hone your skills once you recognize what they are.


Jacob makes sure he’s actually using his good mic to record. :)

Follow Up


America’s Got Talent


  • EVERYONE has talents
  • Often we have a tendency to be overly critical of ourselves.
  • We need to be kind to ourselves and recognize our talents, gifts and abilities. 
  • Don’t take it too far and become egotistical or prideful though.
  • Micah Harmon (Jacob’s Brother) Youtube Channel

Jacob’s Talents

  1. Being a nice person
  2. Technology
  3. I keep my word. 

Kalob’s Talents

  1. I can bring the energy. 
  2. Singing
  3. Public Speaking

How to recognize talents

  • Ask those that are close to you
  • Ask us :) 

Developing Talents

  • Talents aren’t static. We can get better and worse at them. 
  • We need to invest in talents. It takes work and energy
  • Choose something that you want to be good at and spend time doing it
  • The Parable of the Talents: Matthew 25:14-30

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Full Transcript

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Jacob Harmon  0:00  
Hey, I'm actually using the microphone in front of my face this time.

Kalob Valle  0:04  
Hey, there we go.

Jacob Harmon  0:05  
I had the input of the recording set to the mics that are on my air pods. Right? So it sounded like I was on the phone. I was so annoyed at myself because the whole time I was speaking into this good mic, and I got this horrible audio. My gosh, I was tempted to go back and re record myself like just

Kalob Valle  0:27  
Are you serious?

Jacob Harmon  0:28  
Listen to myself and like say it again. And I was like, it's not worth it.

Kalob Valle  0:32  
Yeah, that would have been a lot of work a lot of unnecessary or I think

Jacob Harmon  0:36  
I'll just sound bad. this time I will sound very good.

Kalob Valle  0:43  
Yes, you will, sir.

Welcome back questor's with another episode of success quest. I am hailed by it.

Jacob Harmon  1:01  
And I'm Jacob Harmon.

Kalob Valle  1:02  
And today we are going to continue our journey discussing success like we always do, because success is so awesome. It's freaking awesome. Man, I am just so happy to be alive today. I was outside the weather was wonderful. smell the fresh air. And I was just grateful to be alive. There's There's so much to look forward to in our lives. And I think that's another reason why we do this podcast is because we want to talk about fulfilling yourself in your life, you know, fulfilling your dreams, your aspirations and getting on top of all that. Also, Jacob and I are so excited that the biz for good show finally came out with that podcast that we've been waiting for for a while now. So all you listeners who haven't had the chance to listen to it, go and check them out at biz for good I think that's what I think show is a part of that right? I think so. Anyways, go check them out. We are on their page. If you scroll down, almost to the bottom. They have all their friends podcasts that they just did and we'll be right there were called La Fille DC that because we thought were cool. You know, we can throw some Spanish lingo in there. Get your success quest on. Yes, Clara. Clara OKC we're not even that great Spanish speakers, but we both do fairly well. fairly well, actually. Jake is probably better than me. Honestly.

Jacob Harmon  2:22  
You're the Peruvian here. You're the Peruvian. Hey, but we both did. I live in Peru for a while. So

Kalob Valle  2:27  
Exactly. I was gonna say but like, that's the sad part about my life, right? Like I really didn't know Spanish until I went and lived in Peru. It's a funny story. I actually got all my friends in high school were like, Wait, you're Peruvian, and you can't speak Spanish. And I was like, yeah, this is this is my life. But I'm super excited about that. If you guys have already listened to it, you guys know that we are planning our very first event ever. We're so far. It's actually coming super fast. Okay, we are. We are so excited. We're going to be at this place in Salt Lake City called killin KILN. It's a very different type of venue. It's It's way better than your, your average. Oh, let's go to the hotel. No, no, no, we're not. It's really cool, guys, it's going to be super fun. We have a lot of cool speakers, including ourselves. We want to invite you all to check us out and come and visit, it's going to be freaking awesome. So if you are interested in going to the event, check us out on our website success quest calm. And there you guys can purchase some tickets. And along the way until the date of the event, we might be throwing out some free tickets for you guys. But we're super excited about it. Jacob, is there anything you wanted to add? I don't know if I forgot anything about the event. Very cool stuff,

Jacob Harmon  3:53  
I just want to mention that it's incredibly affordable. Something that we talked about on the bus for good show is that the whole idea of success quest is to make reaching success attainable for everyone. And so we don't want to have an event that's going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars and make you go into debt. So this event is incredibly affordable. For our first event, it's only going to be $10 for ticket. Which, honestly, I mean, I spend more than $10 just going out to you with my spouse true? Well, we'll literally just go out to we spend more than 10 bucks. So if you're even remotely interested, spend the 10 bucks come to the event, if you're not in Utah, that 10 bucks will give you access to a live stream and also being able to watch the video after the event. So it's totally worth it. Come see what it's all about. And you won't be disappointed. It's it's going to be incredibly affordable for everyone.

Kalob Valle  4:51  
It's going to be so cool. And I don't know if I said this is going to be on the 21st of September. So it's coming up quick. You guys might we want to get tickets ahead before we start on advertising like crazy and really get a lot of people interested in the event.

Jacob Harmon  5:06  
There are limited seats. And we're going to be spending a little bit of money to advertise, like with some Facebook ads and stuff. So if you want to get in, get in quick before we start advertising and those seats fill up.

Kalob Valle  5:19  
Yep. And I mean, we would like to say we prioritize our clusters, and which we kind of do because we're telling you guys kind of first right? Just act quick on it. Because it's going to be awesome. It's gonna be super cool. And other news. In my normal day to day life recently, I don't know how many of you questor's have been doing this, but I've been watching a lot of AGT lately. Oh my gosh, Jacob DYJDZ. I don't know if you watch. I don't know if

Jacob Harmon  5:44  
this year we haven't been. We've been like super faithful watching it every week. But we just been so busy this year. And I haven't even had a second. So I think we're gonna have to go back and watch it.

Kalob Valle  5:57  
Dude, it is it has been so awesome. So I have a brother who has autism, right? And it kind of throughout his whole entire life, people really take it's hard for people to kind of understand you and relate to you and talk to you. Because you're different, you think differently. That's basically what autism is. And some people have it so severely that you know, they can't really communicate almost at all, or very little. There's this guy who went on a ZT. And he auditioned and he's autistic and his mom kind of like and he's also blind. He's he's blind and autistic, and his mom takes him to the stage. And they're like, Okay, let's go ahead and do your thing. What's he gonna do? He's gonna he's gonna play the piano and sing for everybody. What the heck, okay, cool, random. And the kid he can His name's Cody K, super awesome kid. And he can talk I mean, fairly well, actually, just a little different. And he sits on the piano. And as soon as he starts to play and start to sing everyone's job drop. You have to check out on YouTube, his audition. It was is so amazing. Like, you start getting teary eyed. That's how good it is. Right? Like, that's why I watch a GT. So I can just start crying all the time because of the beautiful stories. And he got a golden buzzer, because he was so amazing. And so I mean, he's in the live events right now. And everything is it's amazing. This guy is so phenomenal. He is so cool. Like, what an awesome concept, right? Like, Hey, Lee, let's turn just regular talent shows into something we can do nationwide, give them a huge prize and inspire people to do what they love to do for the rest of their lives. That's so cool. Because I feel like not everybody gets an outlet opportunity, like an opportunity to express what they really like to do from their day to day, and then in at the end of the competition, if they win, have the opportunity to do that forever. That's so cool. That's so cool. I was just thinking I was like, man, do I have any secret hidden talents that I can? I can throw out there for a million dollars. No, no? No, very cool. You've been watching it for a while then Jacob, what are your thoughts?

Jacob Harmon  8:17  
No, I yeah, I think it's a great platform to to really show people. And a lot of times I mean, that's one of the things that America's Got Talent is really well known for is showing people that aren't necessarily your standard, normal what you would expect in a performer, right? I mean, I think of one of the most classic examples. Susan Boyle. Right. I don't know if that was America's Got Talent or Britain's Got Talent. But basically, it's the same show Britain's Yeah, it was Britain's but but people that you wouldn't expect if you if you saw them walking down the street, you would have no idea that this person had an amazing, incredible talent that they're so successful at, right. And I think that that's one of the great things about America's Got Talent, or Britain's Got Talent, or those those types of things is they give those people a platform to, to show their talents to the world and become truly successful. But I mean, in a more general sense, I think we all have talents. And we all have abilities that that can lead us towards success. Right. And I guess the hard part is finding out what those talents are and discovering them. Especially I'm one of those people that are overly critical of myself sometimes. And I think a lot of people have that tendency. I know I do. And so it's hard for me sometimes to notice the things that I'm good at. Because I am so critical of myself. But I think that we all have things that we're good at. And we all have things that we can do to help us on our journey to success rate.

Kalob Valle  9:55  
I actually that reminded me of I heard once and applied to so I think it applies to everybody, that as soon as we enter this life, right, and we kind of become conscious of like, oh, man, I have dreams, I have things I want to do. We also become members of the self Peters club. It's kind of this weird thing. But we all have memberships to this club, where we beat ourselves constantly, like we constantly like, I don't know what it is, it's just a natural thing. For humans, I think across the board is that we look at ourselves under such a harsher light than we do other people, you know, we should kind of let up we should like, push the brakes a little bit on how mean we are taught ourselves like, you are special. You are unique. You have certain gifts and abilities. Maybe you don't understand fully what those are yet, but you have them. You have them you what you need to do now is learn to recognize them, cultivate them, and use them because I think they're beautiful things. These people. I'm looking at the contestants, right I'm remembering all the ones that I love now. The last AZT winner was a magician, right? I can't. I can't remember his name. Now. I think it's something Lynn this year. There's another magic dude, magician. His name is Eric chin. Oh my gosh, this guy's amazing. Guy's amazing and and probably started out being really bad at magic, right? Like, but he knew that he really liked it. And you know, he was like, you know, I'm gonna just keep practicing. And it turned into something amazing. There are other people who have audition, and you're just like, really, they're gonna, they're gonna try that. Like, I'm this guy named Greg Morton. Oh, my gosh, he audition. And all he did was voice impressions. And he's in the finale now. Like, why? That's crazy. Like, he's just making himself sound like other people. And that's what's going to get him success. Like, that's nuts. So I mean, it just kind of goes back to the one podcast we did. Where we talked about you can I mean, 2019, you can do anything. You can do it thing. So don't limit yourself. But anyway, talking about talents in general. Let's talk about that. It's funny, because when I when Jacob was talking, I was like, man, now I have to start thinking about my talents. And obviously, I have some, but it's weird to talk about your talents, because it kind of feels like now I'm being like, one of those people like, Oh, I'm so good at this. Right. Like is, is that how it comes off? Jacob?

Jacob Harmon  12:24  
Yeah, it's interesting, because it's, there's two extremes right of the spectrum. We've already talked about the one extreme where you beat yourself up, and you can't recognize your talents. But then there's the other extreme in the spectrum, which is also bad, where your own You're too good at recognizing your own talents and your own strengths. And then you become egotistical and prideful, right. And it's definitely a balancing act, because neither one of those are good. You don't want to be degrading yourself and beating yourself up. You also need to be humble. And you need to realize that you're not better than everyone else. Right. And so we do need to be careful. And we need to preface this discussion by saying, Don't take it to the extreme. Yeah, right. It's important to recognize talents. But you need to understand that talents are a tool that you can use, but it's not. It doesn't make you better than anyone else. It doesn't make you it doesn't give you the right to degrade someone else or put someone else down just because you happen to be good at something. I don't know, I think it's just important to understand that there is a line where you're recognizing the things you're good at. And then it turns into being a jerk.

Kalob Valle  13:42  
Yeah, right. Right. And you don't want to cross that line. Totally agree. So okay, Jacob, let's talk about let's let's get out of our comfort zones for a little bit then and show our questor's that this is possible, right, because this is what we're asking them to do.

Jacob Harmon  13:58  
I'm a little worried about what he's gonna say. This isn't scripted, guys, I have no idea what Kalob is going for.

Kalob Valle  14:06  
I want you to name me. Your top three talents.

Jacob Harmon  14:11  
Oh, my God. Yeah.

Kalob Valle  14:12  
Yeah, I know, Right! Right now in front of everybody.

Jacob Harmon  14:18  
Oh, no. You're doing okay, it's good to get out of your comfort zone. Guys. This is a good thing. Ah, so I already told you I'm generally overly pessimistic and beat myself up. So this is very hard for me. Oh, that doesn't count as talent. I'm very good. I'm very good at beating myself up. That's the best talent I have. Oh, dear. Okay. I think a talent that I have, is being a nice guy. I think that I'm one of those people that don't really have a mean bone in their body. Like, I just, I don't hate people. It takes a lot to get me frustrated. Someone. I'm generally pretty patient with people. So I think that's a that's a talent that I have. Nice. Let's see, nice. Another talent that I have is technology, and computers. They've always come easy to me. And I know that they're not easy for everyone. So I have no idea why that gift happened to fall in my lap. But just make sense. I like programming. I like messing around with computers and making them do cool things. I really enjoy automation, making computers do things for me, so that I don't have to do them manually every time

Kalob Valle  15:43  
What the heck. That's crazy. That's crazy. Like, I can't even imagine like where to start. That's awesome. Very cool. Love it.

Jacob Harmon  15:51  
Okay, what if I said, nice guy. Good at computers. And I can't think of anything else.

Kalob Valle  16:01  
You got to have at least one word salad in that. See? It's hard.

Jacob Harmon  16:07  
It's hard. I'm good. I'm good at keeping my word. If I said I'm going to do something, I usually do it. And now obviously, I'm not perfect, but pretty much if I if I commit to something, I'm in 100%.

Kalob Valle  16:21  
So that's awesome. Done, you did it. Okay, who who

Jacob Harmon  16:26  
that was tough.

Kalob Valle  16:28  
I know. I was like that. But that was what I was thinking to. I was like, if I asked him this, he has to ask me this. And like

Jacob Harmon  16:35  
it's only fair. It's

Kalob Valle  16:37  
all right. Alright. Alright. And it gets even more awkward because like, instantly in my head was I'm like, well, because I asked the question almost seems like maybe I wanted to bring this up so I could show off my tongue. I know. It's weird. It's a weird mental game. I feel like talents. It's all psychological. You either don't want to come off, like a jerk. So you don't show your talents at all. Or you come off like a jerk. And it's like, it's a weird thing. But there is a balance, there is a balance, guys, you can do it. So for those of you at home, I would suggest you guys write down your top three talents, because you probably have them or even better than writing them down. Go to someone you love and ask them what their goals are, and then share yours with them. Because then you kind of like, I've found that writing things down is awesome. But with things like this, talking about them, makes them more real to one of my talents. I can bring the energy. I think that's one of my my talents in life. It's kind of weird. I don't know how to explain it. I think it's just I'm a fun guy. I can attest to that. I like Yeah, yeah. Like, I just I think I like smiling. I like other people smiling. And so if I go somewhere, and there's some sort of group or conversation I'd rather we all are just kind of having a fun time. So I think that's something that comes naturally to me. I think that's one of my talents was that anyways, I can I can usually make it a fun environment.

Jacob Harmon  18:03  
Oh, feel the pain?

Kalob Valle  18:07  
Yeah, yeah, I know. It is painful. One of my talents. I think. I like to sing. I like to sing. Um, I don't think I'm the best singer. But I also don't I also think I'm above average, which is I don't know, I don't I don't want to see that. It's like you almost I almost felt like apologize.

Jacob Harmon  18:24  
Right. Right. Because you're, you're good at and sometimes we have that natural tendency right to make. I'm sorry for talking good at.

Kalob Valle  18:34  
Yeah, it's weird. I think it also comes from the fact that the majority of the things in society are competitive, right? I mean, careers are usually competitive, sports are competitive. There are tournaments for everything. A gt is competitive, you know, it's like, so I mean, like, even though we say that one talent isn't better than the other, but one of them ends up with a million together. So don't you know, like, so like, it's weird how we start thinking that maybe some are better than others, but they're not anyways. But yeah, saying I think I'm a good singer. And I think I should develop it more, in fact, randomly, um, we actually, my wife and I were asked to make a list of 100 things that we want to do in life. And if we put something on the list, we have to do it. Like you can't put anything on the list and not do it. It has to be anyways. Very interesting. One of those things on my list is one day try out for like the voice or like American Idol or something just kind of fun. But like, I just have you should

Jacob Harmon  19:32  
you should give our podcast listeners a little serenade. Oh, I got I got to hear that. Oh my gosh, you don't have to. I can edit out the question.

Kalob Valle  19:43  
You know, maybe one day I'll sing and make a YouTube video out of it. We can post on the success quest. That'd be cool. That'd be cool. Okay, okay. Speaking of singing Jacobs, brothers, amazing. Jacob brothers crazy amazing. That's your brother. Right? Your younger brother.

Jacob Harmon  19:57  
Yeah, he's he's got over 5 million views on his YouTube channel. And he's only got

Kalob Valle  20:02  
ideas crazy. We may have him come speak for us. That'd be frickin

Jacob Harmon  20:08  
guest on the podcast. I've thought about that. But then it was like, wait a minute. He's my brother. Is that going to be like, weird, but you know what? I'll do it.

Kalob Valle  20:18  
Bring him on. We'll have Maria on. That'll be so cool. And you know what? He's a fun little. He's a fun kid. Anyways, third talent. I'm not sure. I'm like thinking about right now. I think. I think I'm a good public speaker. Talent public speaking? Yeah, I don't know really? Where else to go with that. So those are my three. Okay, those are my three public speaking, singing. And what was the first one I said, bringing the energy and I like that. I'm okay with that. That's awesome. Man. It is tough. It is weird.

Jacob Harmon  20:50  
So for those listener, for those of you out there, who are maybe having a hard time doing this hard time coming up with three things that you're good at? What are some recommendations that you have? Caleb, I was just thinking like maybe asking the people that are closest to you. Because sometimes we have a hard time recognizing our own strengths. But for example, if I asked my wife, she might be able to tell me some of the strengths. I mean, hopefully she did marry me like, she must have liked something about me. Or your parents or, or you know, that's the problem. kjellson knows how many weaknesses. She knows the good end of that. I mean, talking to people around you asking them, hey, what is what's something that I'm good at? And I don't think that is a bad thing to ask someone, especially if they understand that you're just trying to you're trying to explore a little bit of your strengths, so that you can figure out what you can be successful at right. I don't think that's a bad thing. Do you have any other tips Caleb to help people if they're may be struggling to find things that they're good at?

Kalob Valle  21:49  
Hmm, hmm. Actually, I think that's probably one of the best tips, right is your close friends and family members is to discuss that. If you literally think you have no talent whatsoever that you're not good at anything, I promise you, someone close to you is going to be able to name at least one thing that is special about you. The reason that they have you in their lives, you know, the reason they look up to you or admire you or keep you in that friend circle, like, and don't be afraid to ask them. That's why they're your friends. Right? Like, that'd be cool. Your friend came up to me right now I was like, hey, Caleb, I don't really think I have a lot of talents. were some that you think I have I I'm trying to think of a friend that I couldn't have an answer for. You know, I don't think I have one. Because I think I could name something for every one of my friends, something that I saw on them that I wish I had in myself, you know, and I think those rounds. If, if push comes to shove, you think you got nothing your family's like you don't have any talents. Your friends are like you don't have any talents. I bet I promise you you do. In fact, you should, you should email us or message us on Facebook. And we would love to even have like a quick phone call with you guys. And we could talk to you guys about what your talents are and how to discover those. Or better yet, maybe you're a jack of all trades, and you can choose what that town is going to be. You know, I hear that a lot. I hear that a lot randomly, like, Oh, I'm a jack of all trades. I do a little bit of everything, but I'm not good at any one single thing. Well, that's actually kind of awesome. Okay, you get to pick and choose. What do you like to do? Let's get to the bottom of that. And maybe that's what we could talk about anyways.

Jacob Harmon  23:22  
Yeah. And the great thing about that, too, is the talents aren't static. They're not something that you have it you're born with it and you can never get better at it. Right? Yeah, it's something that you can develop. And so if you are a jack of all trades, like Caleb was saying, choose what you want to be really good at, and then start spending some time there. I'll tell you, I don't think Caleb and I are necessarily naturally good podcasters. But we're getting better at it, right? I mean, if you go back and listen to episode one, and then you listen to this episode, I think we've improved, like we're getting better at

Kalob Valle  23:55  
Big difference and big difference. So

Jacob Harmon  23:57  
what you spend your time doing, you're gonna get better at it, you're gonna improve. And so especially if you're a jack of all trades, but even if you're not find something that you would like to be good at something you would like to have as your talent, and start spending 15 minutes a day on it 30 minutes a day. And it doesn't have to be a lot, but just spend a little bit of time on that. And then you will become better you will improve.

Kalob Valle  24:20  
I hope that eventually, one of my talents can become cooking, because we are not very good cooks at this house. My wife never gets the time to cook and she she doesn't really cook anyways. And I never cooked. And then I got married. And it's like, well, now I have to cook because I'm a stay at home Dad, you know, like, I gotta get everything ready. And I'm learning how hard it is to be a good cook. Like consistently have that drive to want to start from scratch is really hard. I also don't have a lot of like, variety. I would like that to be one of my talents one day, I think that'd be really cool.

Jacob Harmon  24:56  
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I mean, it sounds what you want, you just have to spend a little time doing it right, a little extra time focusing on it. And I mean, I know we've talked about this before on the podcast, but I want to bring it up again, for those of you especially if you're Christian, but even if you're not Christian, I think it still applies. There is a story in the Bible. It's actually in Matthew chapter 25. And it's this parable of the talents, right? It's a story that Jesus told. And it's funny because he uses the word talent. He was referring to money, like a talent was a piece of money. But I think totally applies because the this master gave his servants different quantities of talents, different quantities of money. And I think each of us are born with different abilities in different circumstances. And then some of those servants went out and they invested those talents, they, they turned them into even more, and then some of the servants buried them and hit them. Right. And even though the story is moment, if we turn it into a story about talents, like actual skills, talents, if we invest time into our talents, and we are working on them, they will multiply, they will grow. If we bury them and hide them from everyone else, and if we're ashamed of them, they will go away. Even if you're born with a natural talent or a natural tendency or a skill to do something, if you never do it, you can lose it. So I guess the important thing here is figuring out what your talents are, and then investing in them because those talents are what will set you apart from your peers, whether that's in the workplace, or at school, if you're at college, or university or in high school. Or if you're an entrepreneur, those those skills that you have are what's going to set you apart from your competition, right. And so you I mean, we need to figure out what our skills are in home them and work on them and improve them so that we can truly become successful.

Kalob Valle  27:06  
That's It's so cool. The word you used when you want to double your talents. You You said invest, like you should invest in your talents, and then those will come back to help you further on. That's awesome. That's totally true. That's totally true. I'm thinking of all the times whenever like took the time, like for example in sales, okay, like, I started my first quote unquote, business, right, I didn't do any of the paperwork. But that was the first thing I ever did for myself where I had a job, I saw glowsticks door to door. And I mean, I did that for a long time, like a year, I had 10,000 glow sticks that I purchased for 300 bucks. And I came home. And every day after school or on weekends, I would go and sell glow sticks, like I will go to these little games, or I would just bring them everywhere I went. And it's crazy, because at first I mean, I was just cute little kids. So that's how I was selling things. It wasn't because I was a good salesman. That became a talent over time. You know, over time, I learned that this was something I enjoyed, I enjoyed talking to people. And then I started to develop sales skills. And I started to become a better sales man. And I continued in that job for a year I worked for my dad who owned a concrete company later on. And then I went from call center to call center I went the pest control out in Washington, like all this stuff that helped develop sales skills. And now I think that's definitely one of my talents is being a good salesman or being able to listen to somebody. And anyways, but yeah, that's just an example of like cultivating them. And then like all the sudden, it doubles, right? But now I'm not just good at sales. I'm good at listening. I'm good at communicating. I'm good at focusing on on your eyes and body language. And like, all these things came about from investing myself in one talent. Kind of interesting. Very cool little spiral. Yeah, anyways, well, you know, I love this discussion about talents, Jacob. And I believe that all your questions have talents out there, we are so proud that you guys keep coming on to and listening to our podcast, we hope that you guys find value in these podcasts. We're here for you, you know, we want you guys to be successful. And that's one of the reasons we're doing this and why we're going to have events coming up. And this one in September, we want to again, invite all of you guys to check out our website and get signed up for that event, it is going to be a blast K, it's going to be so much fun. It's not, it's not just going to be serious. It's not going to be one of those either, where you sit down and they're going to sell you on something. So you can at the end, pay 500 bucks for this huge program that you're never going to use again. You know, not gonna be like that. It's going to be awesome. It's gonna be late, but you're going to come you're gonna chill, we're going to network, we're gonna, we're gonna do activities, or you're going to listen to awesome keynote speakers. It's going to be really incredible. Anyways, so thanks again for listening to the podcast, everybody. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook, join our Facebook page, like our stuff, share our stuff. Let's get the word out to everybody. And we hope you guys have a successful day.

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