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SuccessQuest 2.0 - Checking In
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SuccessQuest 2.0 - Checking In

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Kalob and Jacob sit down and talk about SuccessQuest and this success journey that they’ve been on. They talk about what’s worked and what hasn’t. They also talk about what’s next for SuccessQuest. 


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Jacob Harmon  0:00  
Hey questers Jacob here. Before we start the show, I just wanted to let you know about our very first success quest sponsor. Yeah, we're pretty excited about it. The sponsor of this show is audible. You probably heard of them before, but audible is an audiobook company. If you use our link which is success quest com slash Audible, you will get one free audiobook and two free audible originals with your 30 day free trial. After the 30 days, it's just 1495 and you'll get an audio book each month and two audible originals each month. Reading can be hard, but it's important part of success is continually learning. And honestly, it's hard to find the time. I've found that it's a lot easier for me to read a book, if I can do it while I'm doing the dishes or on a commute and that's why audible has been perfect. Currently I'm reading a book called indestructible binding Near al. This book talks about how to overcome distractions, how to regain control of our lives. I think it's a perfect book for anybody who wants to become more successful. You can listen to this book or any other book with your one month free trial and your free audiobook from audible once again, it's my success slash audible. I will also put the link in the show notes and thanks to Audible for supporting success quest.

Kalob Valle  1:43  
Welcome to success quest become your best self and join the revolution to success. I am Caleb

Jacob Harmon  1:50  
I'm Jacob Harmon. All right, well, we're back. Hey, Caleb, how you doing? What's up dude?

You guys may notice already that Some things with the podcast have changed. We're calling this like success quest 2.0. Today is a big day. Caleb and I have been talking, we've been really just trying to analyze success quest and what we've done so far, and where we want to go in the future. And so this is this podcast is really just to check in point just to talk about what we've done, and where we're going. And maybe some of the changes that are happening. But to kick things off, Caleb, I mean, we've been doing success quest about a year now, the podcast is only been about six months. Uh huh. But but we've been talking about this and meeting for about a year. It's been quite a journey, hasn't it?

Kalob Valle  2:40  
It's kind of weird, actually. Because I remember like our first meeting, we were just meeting up in a Starbucks and we were talking about things like this, and I brought up my idea and then you and I kind of started collaborating, and then a year later, look where we are like, That's crazy. And I remember starting the little LLC, you know, like This is so exciting. And now. Wow. Like, I can't believe that not only we've made it an entire year. I mean, I know that's not a lot of time compared to how long businesses should be running for but, I mean, we've seen some drastic changes, like we've just evolved so much, and we've gotten so many amazing responses. been amazing. It's been an amazing journey.

Jacob Harmon  3:22  
Yeah. So what have been some of the biggest struggles Do you think that we have experienced a success quest man, because it's been it's been a good year, but it's also been a tough year, hasn't it?

Kalob Valle  3:32  
Yeah. struggles. Every day is a struggle man every day, but it's good. It's good to struggle because then you you learn things. you're forced to learn things, right. I think the struggles that we had at the beginning was just that we didn't know we were doing. Like we have such different

Jacob Harmon  3:50  
skill sets like we don't

Kalob Valle  3:53  
like what back but we have such different skill sets and we came from different like so both of us are very into business. Right about the businesses that we did were so different. It was usually surrounded by a specific product or specific service that's already widely available. already well known that you don't have to educate very much about it. But this is kind of a new industry for both of us, excuse me. And it's and it's such a different type of industry as well. I mean, it's a service where you are providing you're trying to build a community to better inspire those around you. I mean, like, how do you, you can't really say like, this is the product I'm selling, you know, or like, it's different, you know. So it comes with its own set of struggles, especially with, I think marketing, branding, educating all things that businesses need to do especially more unique type of businesses in order to succeed. And that's just been like, how do we figure that out? You know, how do we get the word out to people? So I mean, I think our biggest struggle, that was it.

Jacob Harmon  4:54  
Yeah. Well, and on the whole marketing thing, I'll tell you, we're just starting to figure out what works and what doesn't we've, we've spent money doing marketing and you know what we've wasted probably quite a bit of money Oh

Kalob Valle  5:06  
my God,

Jacob Harmon  5:08  
but but it's been a learning experience and we're learning what works and what doesn't. For example, we've found that organic growth is really the best. We could pay for ads on Facebook or on Billboard's or whatever else. But we can also just post really great things on social media, and people, you know, or put out a really amazing podcast and people start listening. And so honestly, and I know that this isn't the same for everyone. But for us organic growth and not having to pay for advertising has actually been the best advertising. Yeah, we've been able to get the most people organically, which I think really surprised me. It wasn't what I was expecting, that's for sure.

Kalob Valle  5:49  
I think my The biggest thing that people get in their minds is that man, how can I fast track this as soon as fast as possible right there just like speed, speed, speed, and people forget about Okay, well, you know, What there needs to be, there's a process here, and it takes time. And we learned like, Hey, no matter how much money we're spending, just get this out there. Okay? Granted, we don't have a lot of money to put in there anyways, but but it's not, it's the same difference as if we didn't spend any of that money. And we just did it organically. And it's like, man, like, how many business people need to know that when they're starting their business, that they can just really take their time with it? And I mean, it really does take a while before you even become profitable. I mean, we haven't even reached that point, you know, we're still doing this out of the goodness of our hearts, you know, and, and we take a lot of time and energy out of it. And I'm sure for most businesses that discourages them, which is why a majority of businesses fail, which is kind of sad. So if you have a little business out there, like Hey, guys, you know, but give yourself time to build up organically. If you have good content or good service or good product, you will see growth naturally. That's just what's going going to happen. And that's what we've got. Now we were like, hey, after we made a couple pivots here in there, we found out people really do like, the stuff we're providing. And so we're seeing organic growth, and it's pretty awesome. And you feel good, because that means you're doing a good job. So now what you have to focus on is expanding your reach further, and getting those people who are already supporting you in some way to reach their arms out further. That's the biggest goal, I think, for us now.

Jacob Harmon  7:28  
Yeah, yeah. I think one of the other things that we maybe didn't do correctly with success quest at the beginning, is we had a very broad vision. And in some ways, that's good because we wanted to do that. Right. But in other ways, I think it really was to our detriment because we wanted to do everything. We were like, okay, we're going to do volunteer projects. We're going to do events. We're going to do a podcast we're going to do a blog or YouTube channel or so spread out. Yeah. And I think that that's a pitfall that a lot of businesses fall into. And partially, I still want to do all those things like that's part of the problem is, is I want to do those things. But I also think that it's important to focus in on the things that are working. And on the things that we're doing well, for example, the podcast has actually been doing really, really well. So we're kind of pivoting this whole success quest two point O thing. We're going to focus on the things that we're doing well, and we're going to start Yeah, growing those and then eventually, maybe we can pull some of that other stuff back in.

Kalob Valle  8:35  
Yeah. And like you're saying, we're turning a new leaf. Now we're kind of recognizing the things that we're strong in. We did an event in fact, we've had two events. We've had a virtual event, which actually really went really well. And then we did a live event, which could have been better. And, and I was we looked and we were like, man, we have our events here. And with that we want to do those so badly. And then we looked at our podcast and we're like, Whoa, this is crazy, which is I want to actually like thank all of you guys supporting us out there and listening. I hope you guys find a lot of value in what we have to share in the different interviews that we do. We have so many interviews lined up. Now, I can't even tell you. It's crazy. This whole month, Jacob and I are booked on interviewing different types of people who have had just amazing experiences, and who are professionals at different types of everything. And so like, I would be really excited, like we have a lot of crazy content coming to you guys. But I want to thank you guys, thank you so much for listening, and reading and doing all those things. It means the world to us, because then it makes us feel like hey, we're doing something good. Let's continue that. It's amazing.

Jacob Harmon  9:41  
And another thing that I think we are doing well is is bringing on good guests. You mentioned that we have quite a few guests booked right now. And that's where the value is coming from. Because we've said it 100 times before Caleb and I aren't experts, right? We're not we're not as successful ourselves. We don't know necessarily know all the things about success. But what we can do is we can provide a platform for people to come on who do have knowledge to share with the community. And so I think that's been one of the big strengths of success quest in the more recent podcasts. When we started out, we did a lot of content just Caleb and I, and partially that was just because we needed to start somewhere, right? We didn't have a never knew people have yet people to bring on I maybe had two or three ideas of people I could bring on. But what's happened is when we started building podcast, and once people started listening now all of a sudden, we're overbooked. Like I don't know. I don't know how we're going to get all these interviews out. We have crazy interviews. It's a good feeling there are already recorded or but it's good because I think that we're bringing on value.

Kalob Valle  10:56  
Okay, can you can you really put a price on that value, you know, Okay, so like, a lot of the guests that we have come on these people know what they're talking about. And they're passionate about what they're talking about amazing. I read, I read, listen to our own podcast because I'm like, wow, the ones that especially Jacob does, because I'm not there for them. And it's just like, Man, these people are incredible. And all the You're right, like we were doing a pretty good job of, I don't want to say like inviting because a lot of these people are just reaching out to us, but I think it's because we have built something wonderful and people kind of are drawn to that, you know.

Jacob Harmon  11:30  
Hey, questers I hope you're enjoying the episode. I just wanted to remind you that the show notes for all of our episodes are available in your favorite podcast app, and of course on our website at my success if you're enjoying the show, we asked you to please leave us a review. It really does help. And I wanted to give a shout out to peezy TBA who said excellent podcast with a knowledgeable host. Thank you digging the interviews and the context. Definitely recommend, like I said, If you liked the show, go ahead and leave us a review and you might get a shout out on the next episode of success quest. Also, please don't hesitate to share this podcast with your friends and family. Thank you, and back to the show.

Kalob Valle  12:15  
But like kind of going back to what you were talking about previously. Sorry, I have like this weird and mucus thing. It's like a winter or something. But what you were talking about about being too general, right? Because success. It's like, we want to be in the success business. Oh, what does that even mean? Like? It's a lot of freakin basically we can talk about whatever. Okay, we can talk. Now, like people are like, well, what if I want, you know, a lot of people are coming on because they find one thing that resonates with them. And one problem we had was that we were being too generic. You know, we were like now we're kind of people are coming in because they want to learn about a specific type of success. And now they're kind of missing out because we're not focused on each individual one All the time or giving them equal time, you know, that's what I'm trying to say. Now, like we've talked, turning this new leaf successful is 2.0. We want to do, and we're actually already implementing every day of the week, we've assigned a type of success. So when you wake up Monday morning, that morning is all about emotional success. That day is all about emotional success. And that's kind of nice, because now you're like, wow, this is what resonates with me. I like to focus on my relationships, and improving my friendships, my intimate relationships, all those things are really important and figuring out how to live a more stress free life like now Monday is meant for that, especially since Monday sucks. I figured that's the best day to put emotional success, you know, because it's the you know, and then like, every day, we've assigned a different type of success. So I want you guys listening I mean, like this is this is great. This is another reason why you need to be interacting with us on social media is because now you can make us a part of your day to day life. Life and know that every day you're going to be getting special content, which is really nice.

Jacob Harmon  14:05  
Yeah. And so I mean, if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram or, or on LinkedIn, what you're going to start to notice is that every single day of the week, we're going to be posting inspirational quotes, photos, videos, we might just post a few paragraphs, whatever. But we're always going to be posting about a different type of success each day. That way, we're going to try to be a little more rounded. It's easy to start to focus on one area and ignore some of the others. So we're going to try to post about each one every single day. Obviously, on the podcast, we're going to try to make sure to book guests that can talk about all the different areas of success that we're talking about. I'm going to start reorganizing the website a little bit so that you guys can actually filter our podcasts by category. So if you want to learn about about financial success, you can click a button and you'll see all of our podcast episodes that mentioned finances Money. If you want to learn about spiritual success, then you can click on that button and look at anything that has to do with spirituality or meditation, those types of things. So what we're really trying to do is make it easier for you to learn about what you want to learn about from us, whatever your goals are, whatever you're trying to accomplish. Hopefully, you can come to success quest and be able to find some resources that will help you reach those goals.

Kalob Valle  15:24  
Yep. And, you know, on top of all those little changes that you'll be seeing on social media, we also want to start giving back to you guys, which is crazy, because we're not really making any money off of any of this right now. We're not making anything yeah, you know, but we want to give back to you guys for listening for supporting because that means a big deal to us. So we are going to be starting to do giveaways, which is kind of cool. Right? Play the applause. free money free gifts for you guys. And all all we ask is that you guys consider finding new way to support us. We also want to kind of start focusing on making a little bit more money because we can't just get like lose everything. Because I mean, every month we're paying for things like the website, keep up and all these. I mean, there's a lot of things that we're actually spending money on constantly. So we actually want to start implementing. Do you want to become a Questor? No more of these big amounts of money? Oh, no, we were trying to do month to month things so you can come to events, we're going to scratch the entire thing. What we want now is just, if you really like what we're doing, if you really like the value that we're bringing to you. We want to invite you to go to our website, and we're going to have a little support button where you can subscribe to donate $1 a month. That's it just $1 there's no month there's no six month contract, nothing like that. It's month to month, you can cancel whenever you want. We just want as much support as possible and without asking For anything crazy, you know, just enough to get a spy, because that's that's what it should be all about, you know, success should be something available to everybody, anywhere. And if you don't want to support us by that you can still listen to us for free. You know, but for you avid listeners, please.

Jacob Harmon  17:18  
Well, the way I see it is we release about four episodes a month, because it's weekly, some months, we might have five, and that's a quarter for every episode of success question. Oh,

Kalob Valle  17:29  
I didn't even think about that. Look at you doing math over that

Jacob Harmon  17:32  
is nothing. And if you're if you're taking into account the newsletter, or the social media posts, if you're following us on social media, that's a daily inspiration for a buck. And honestly, like Caleb said, if you don't have maybe you're not in a position where you can where you can give us $1 a month or maybe you just don't want to do that. You can still get all of it for free. We're not going to ban you from the group. We're not going to take away the podcast from you We can't do that anyways. But

Kalob Valle  18:03  
I wouldn't want

Jacob Harmon  18:04  
to ask is that if you like it, if you're getting value out of it, please support us. That way we can keep doing this. I mean, we like this right, Caleb? I love success queens, I love spending time interviewing people. But at the same time, it takes time our lives. It takes a lot of time out of our lives. And so we really want to keep doing this. And so please support us if you can.

Kalob Valle  18:28  
Yep, any any little contribution means a lot to us. Some other changes that you guys are going to be seeing with success quest, other than the giveaways other than we're kind of scratching the things we also for those people who are local to Utah. I know that there are a lot of people listening who aren't in Utah, I'm going to start trying to do bi monthly, monthly would that be the thing like every other week, meetups. I'm trying to get a space right now at the Salt Lake City Library. They have a huge conference space that they rent out for free. I just want to hold monthly meetups where we can come and discuss things that Jacob and I are kind of proficient in. And not necessarily like to say we're going to get up in front of everybody and just preach to you guys, right? I'd rather that we have a simple, calm discussion about how we can improve in a specific way. One of my biggest skills is that I've been a salesman for over a decade, which is crazy. I think I can technically say I've been a salesman for 13 years, which is nuts. I have that much experience in sales. And so I would love to have a meetup group where we get together and we talk about how can you improve your sales or become a salesperson or salesmen sales woman? Because sales is important in a lot of different things, not just business. And it's actually fantastic to learn how to communicate better. We also want to talk about how to become more fit, you know, all these different type of things. So if you're local to Utah State posted with us on social media so you guys can find out When those meetup groups are going to happen, it'll be super fun. And we can just chill. So, yeah, that's another change that we're seeing. Other than that, other than the the differences on our social media and the meetup groups, the podcast, with all these changes, we're doing this, because we really want to help our community. We want to build a community because the stronger we are together, the better for everybody. You know, when we're a well knit group of people with the same goals and ambitions and, and kind of dreams, we can do a lot. I mean, basically stop.

Jacob Harmon  20:37  
Yeah, yeah, for sure. I was actually talking to my brother today about success quest. He called me and he said, Hey, I just listened to one of your podcast episodes, and I want to quit my job. I was like, no. And I don't think he's really gonna quit his job, at least not immediately, but it got him thinking and he was, he was just like, Man, you There's we're doing some good stuff. And it was, it was great to hear that because I think that we are we're really doing some amazing things with success quest, and I'm excited about where it's going. And more than anything. I'm just so thankful for all of you, all of you that listen to you right now that are listening to this podcast. Thank you. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for being a part of this journey. And we're going to try to keep you guys updated. as things change as things grow and continue. I think we'll do some of these success quest check ins every few months, maybe once a quarter, once, twice a year. I don't know we need to talk about it. But I think it's it's good to talk about what we're doing, because it adds to the transparency. I sometimes I follow businesses that are like super, super secretive about things. But personally, I like to kind of see behind the scenes and see what's going on. So we're gonna try to do that for you.

Kalob Valle  21:56  
Yeah, come and watch us and see how we actually grow and we can all grow together. That's That's the best part. And like Jacob was saying, this is kind of the outlier of our podcast episodes because we're just kind of being thankful and letting you guys know some of the changes that are happening. The the more present, you guys are with us on social media, the better. Because I mean, with all the new changes happening, this could be this could be adding more, even more value to your lives, which is the hope. And then any feedback that you have for us is welcome with open arms. So go ahead. And if you see something you like you don't like, let us know. We want to be able to evolve in a way that helps you guys. Now obviously, we won't be able to please everybody, but I mean, we'll find a good middle ground. That's something we're actually pretty good at. So anyways, thank you guys again, so much for your listens. We appreciate you.

Jacob Harmon  22:47  
Yeah, thank you and have a successful day.

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