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Spiderman Far From Home - Mentorship and Heroes
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Spiderman Far From Home - Mentorship and Heroes

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Jacob and Kalob get a little nerdy talking about the new Spiderman movie. We also talk about the importance of mentors and heroes in our lives. 

Spiderman Far From Home

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Kalob Valle  0:10  
Hey there and welcome back to another episode of success quest. I am Kalob.

Jacob Harmon  0:16  
I'm Jacob Harmon.

Kalob Valle  0:17  
Before we begin and just dive right in, let's talk about how things have been. Right now. I'm out here in, in Mexico, and Jacob and I are trying to do a podcast from different countries. And that's just because I'm out here with family and I'm trying to, you know, just kind of relax a little bit, my wife and I really haven't gone on a real vacation, like we talked about in the last podcast, real vacation a long time because of the baby. So I bet it's been nice. It's been nice just to kind of show even though still hard to vacation with the baby. Very, very difficult. I mean, you're still changing a lot of diapers, you have to worry about him feeding all the time. And then when it gets, you know, sleepy, you're like, oh, okay, like, kind of is the end of the day. So. But um, yeah, how was your How you doing Jacob

Jacob Harmon  1:04  
doing good. It's actually interesting because Caleb's on vacation, and I'm just about to start a vacation tomorrow, and he and I are gonna fly out, and we're going to go visit my brother. So, I mean, that's all part of the whole balance thing that we talked about, right? Part of success is knowing when to take a break, and when to do something relaxing and regenerate the batteries. Because, I mean, there's, there's an analogy that I always have loved. And it's the importance of sharpening the saw, if you're always cutting wood, and you're always trying to be productive, eventually your song is going to get dull. So you have to take breaks. And we're, we're kind of live in that right now. Caleb's in Mexico, and I'm headed to Tennessee. But it's been a lot of fun. And we're, we're still recording and podcasts, we're still still trying to get some things done to while we're at it. So that's good.

Kalob Valle  1:59  
I think that's the most important part, right? Like, no matter where you are, you try and do what you love. I think that's the best part, Jacob and I definitely love success quest and what it stands for, and what it means. I mean, even if we were out in different countries, we're really trying our best to keep up with these podcasts be consistent, not just for our sake, but for everybody say, I think I think we bring a lot of value to our listeners, I think there's a lot of things that we've shared in previous podcasts that we all can apply to our own lives. And Jacob like Jacob and I have said previously, we don't do this to try and just teach people, right, we're learning along the way. And I think that's the best part about this podcast, we're all kind of on the same quest to becoming successful. And the best thing you can do is surround yourself with people with those same, same kind of goals. And that's what success quest is where those people with those same goals. Were those friends, and we're researching things so that we can all become successful. But you know, success isn't all about just hard work and discipline and dedication. It's also about having fun and being being able to relax. So that's why I think this episode is perfect. We're going to be kind of just going away from what we usually talk about. We usually like to discuss success and kind of everything that is success, but we really wanted to kind of dive into something fun. This episode. And the topic we kind of wanted to talk about was about this last movie that just came out this spider man movie with Tom Holland and Cindy Yeah, I'm kind of excited to talk about it, because I just barely saw it. And I thought it was something to talk about for sure. Jacob told me he saw recently and we were like, you know, let's talk about this. Because this is a hot movie right now. This is fun stuff. We hope you guys enjoy this. And please, comments or follow us on social media. You guys can tell us your thoughts about what you think about the Spider Man movie. Um, but it's funny because actually, Jacob and I haven't met we haven't talked about the Spider Man movie yet together, either. So this is 100% raw? Like, I don't even know if he likes the movie, honestly. But what do you think, Jacob? What are your thoughts? So like, first impressions of the movie?

Jacob Harmon  4:12  
Yeah, I'm, I'm actually really excited that we get to talk about something nerdy on this podcast, we're always talking about very serious topics. But I really I'm a big nerd. I mean, I'm constantly theorizing about the next movie, Marvel movies and things like that. And I really enjoyed Spider Man far from home. And one of the big reasons why I liked it was because you get to kind of see that that mantle from Tony Stark is a mentor figure for Peter Parker. And that mantle kind of passes to new people, like happy Hogan and Nick Fury. And he needs new, more new mentors in his life, right to help him out. And I think that's one of the really great things was to be able to see that transition and to see how, how Peter was going to deal with life as a superhero, after Tony Stark.

Kalob Valle  5:10  
I actually love that scene. Where Tom Holland, or Spider Man right, Peter Parker, he's in the plane, he just got super beat up right happy just picked him up. And he has to start building himself a new suit. And it's that scene where happy kind of just pauses for a moment while he sees you know, Peter Parker making the suit and he you can tell he's reminiscing about, you know, Tony Stark used to do that. And that that really, the mantle did fall on on Peter Parker even though he didn't feel like he was ready. It fell on him. And in that moment, it was confirmed to me like whoa, like, he's actually doing it. You know, like, it's true. like Tony, sorry, like, he's the greatest of the great right in the Marvel Universe. And Peter Parker just lived up to that in that moment. I thought that was spectacular. Something else I really liked about this movie, just first impressions. I obviously, really like a lot of I really like the Andrew Garfield spider man's just because I think there's so much like intense drama and the, the the the love between the characters is the chemistry between Peter Parker. And Gwen is just like, so awesome. Like, that's, it's so powerful and so relatable. But what I love about the Tom Holland spider man's is that you actually get the feel that he's a teenager, you know, like, that doesn't exist in the other. The spider man's like he's supposed to be a teenager, he supposed to be super smart. But in these movies with Tom Holland, you actually get that feel like, Yeah, he's a teenager. You know, he likes girls, he wants to be focusing on girls instead of going on missions. He's not actually, you know, the, he's a super nerd, you know, randomly. I don't know, I really liked that aspect of the Tom Holland movie, because you actually get that feel, you know, that he's a high schooler in? Because Andrew Garfield obviously was a lot older than a teenager. Sorry, go ahead.

Jacob Harmon  7:09  
No, you're good. Um, yeah. And it's something that I also love is the fact that most superhero movies, the superhero is flawless. He's perfect. He does everything right. Or she, but in something I've really enjoyed about both of the Spider Man movies, spider man homecoming, and Spider Man far from home, is you get to see the faults, you get to see some of the mistakes that Peter makes. And I really enjoy that because nobody is perfect. And as we've talked about in success quest, it's all about trying to become better. It's not about being perfect. Another thing that I really enjoyed, and there's a there's some spoilers coming up here, if you haven't watched the movie, you can pause or skip over this part. But we talked a little bit about mentors. And Peter Parker is looking for a new mentor in this movie, and He kind of looks in the wrong place. He finds someone, and he really likes this person, and he reaches out to them. But they end up becoming the villain. Someone that he thinks is a hero is actually a villain. And it made me think a lot about the people in my own life. And the people that I look up to and the people that I that I idolized. And then I learned from and whether or not they are real heroes or, or if they're villains and I think it's important that we look in the right place for mentorship and for for people to learn from.

Kalob Valle  8:36  
I love the the focus on the mentorship in this movie, it's like, it's it's so obvious that Tom Hollins hero was Ironmen. It's so obvious and for happy even to you know, you see that in their eyes, you see that? And I mean, who knows? I can't remember if it tells you how long it's been since Iron Man's death. I don't know if it was even just a few days. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Because that would be kind of interesting to know. But um, time has passed,

Jacob Harmon  9:05  
I believe it was eight months, eight months?

Kalob Valle  9:10  
Yeah, okay, eight months. Yeah, think about that for a second for eight months, people are still grieving over this man. That's crazy. You know, I mean, it's still just blows my mind like this, he's left such an impact on their lives. And that is just the testament of what a mentor can be to you in your life. If you have a person who's really just not going easy on you, right? That's not a mentor. Like I remember all those movies where Tony Stark actually like, he had to really discipline Peter Parker, he had to tell Peter Parker that he was doing things wrong, he had to be mean sometimes be the bad guy, quote, unquote. And then there was a those other parts where he really wanted to give Peter Parker all of those things like when he finally was going to give him the really awesome Spider Man outfit. And he was gonna have a press conference with him and make him an Avenger. And that was like his Peter Parker's dream. I mean, those things are really awesome. That's what made him such a fantastic mentor, I think is that he really was giving Peter Parker his all. And I think that's what I really enjoyed about that relationship. It was a true like Jacob was talking about. So it was a really good mentorship. And it's interesting to me to see this movie, how he used what he learned, and then he's become more, you know, I don't know if in the future, I mean, again, spoiler alert, right? You don't want to listen to this podcast. Haven't seen the movie yet. But um, it'll be interesting to see what Peter Parker does now that he's in the situation, kind of like Iron Man, where though he's been exposed. That's kind of interesting to me. I mean, it was more forced on him then when Iron Man kind of blatantly came out. But they ended that movie, kind of similarly to in one of the Ironmen movies where his identity was exposed to the world. So I'm really interested in seeing how that's going to play out, that's just going to be absolutely insane. I'm just I'm really excited for the next movies that are coming out. There's so much to look forward to.

Jacob Harmon  11:14  
So let's transition a little bit from Spider Man and talk a little bit about our superheroes, our role models, our mentors, people that have made a difference in our life. Do you have someone like that Caleb, someone that you really look up to and that you've learned a lot from?

Kalob Valle  11:35  
You know, it's funny. I, during my lifetime, I mean, I moved tons dozens of times, like, since I was a kid, so I never really was in a stable place. Like in a stable home for like, more than eight months at a time. Sometimes it felt like, like, it was just like, we were just moving so much. And I mean, with good reason. I mean, it was it was kind of fun. Actually, we got used to moving all over the time. But it kind of made me realize yourself, and I know this is gonna sound super cheesy, right? Like, oh, my parents are my heroes, but they are like, they truly are like, it's crazy. Because since I moved so much, I realized just how important my family was in my life. And then it made me realize just so awesome. My mom and dad were, like, seriously, like, I look at them sometimes. And I'm like, man, they they understand they understood something I didn't you know, and when I was a kid, I even now like, Man, it's it's awesome. Because now I'm a new parent, right? And I look at them. I'm like, man, they went through this, and I turned out fine. You know, this is? How did they do that? Um, so honestly, in my life, my greatest mentors have been my parents. What about you, Jacob,

Jacob Harmon  12:48  
I kind of have to say to my parents were also incredible. I learned so much from my parents. My dad taught me to work hard. He taught me to be a good person. And honest person in my mom, while she was just she was always there for us no matter what. And they were obviously incredible. But another mentor that I think of is actually one of my one of my bosses. When I was in college, I had a really great job. And one of the things that made that job great was was my boss, the fact that she really took me under her wing. And she, she taught me so much about leadership and about how to how to progress in the workplace. And one of the things that I really appreciated about her was how much responsibility she was willing to give to, to us, her employees, she gave us projects and, and responsibility over things that a lot of other people wouldn't do. And I really appreciated that because it gave me up opportunities to grow. I know that I learned so much at that job, because she was willing to give us so much responsibility. And I really appreciated that about her.

Kalob Valle  14:12  
I love that. I think just talking about this, it's it's so important that you have someone who either mentors you directly or indirectly, or you have someone in your life that you look up to. Because every one of us kind of have this great goal, like we want to all be this this amazing person and have amazing habits and, and do all the right things. But it's that's just hard to like, figure out on your own. You know, and you already have so many people out there in this world who have lived it, who have experienced these things, and can show you an easier way to go about it, or at least show you the steps in order to figure it out for yourself. I think that's the real benefit of having mentors in this life. Because I mean, we only get what, like 80 years, if we're lucky, at good years at that, if you're lucky, you know, they still walking around and doing stuff, I'm worried I'm going to be stuck in a wheelchair at 50. But a mentor can take you to that next level. And I just think the whole idea behind mentoring is phenomenal. Because now you have you kind of opened up and you're opening up a new doorway that you didn't notice there before. And it's going to take you down a much easier, probably more educational path towards your ultimate goals. And I mean, not all mentors are fantastic. And you'll kind of know when to step away from a mentor. But man, when you find that, that key person in your life that you look up to that's really just encompasses everything that you sort of want to be sick with that man, like that's just going to help you out so much, so much. I mean, I want to ask everybody at home, you guys listening right now you all you questor's, who are you who are your mentors, right now, who are those people who are walking kind of with you, beside you in front of you, and helping you along your way to becoming successful, I invite you guys to find mentors, in places you know, are going to exist good mentors, and one of those places in this near future are going to be the success quest events. I'm not even joking, the people who are going to be speaking and we're planning this, this is going to be as amazing, it really is, it's going to be a beautiful event where you're really going to get to feel what these people have experienced. And then you can say, Wow, I've really admired that about them. And it's just going to be awesome. These are people who can be your mentors be your hero. So I invite you guys to stay up to date on when that event is going to be coming. It's going to be I'm going to give a little spoiler in September. And sometimes we're going to be announcing it here shortly. But I'm seriously it. You mentors are just so important

Jacob Harmon  17:18  
Thanks Kalob! And the last thing we want to talk about a little bit today is becoming a mentor yourself. When you learn something, that knowledge is valuable. And the most important thing you can do is share that with others. for multiple reasons. I mean, one reason you want to share things with others is because you'll learn even more by teaching. And then another reason is just to help other people along that path. So when you learn something, don't be afraid to share it with someone else. Don't be afraid to take other people under your wing and be their mentor. I mean, that's one of the main reasons why Caleb and I are doing this, why we're doing success quest is because we want to learn, we want to become experts at success. And guess what the best way to do that is by teaching others, the best way to do that is by taking the effort to learn and teach others. And mean that's kind of the whole purpose of success quest is we're bringing in people that can teach us, they can be our mentors, we're learning from them. And then we're also mentoring each other in the process, the success quest community is a perfect place to share information that we're learning together. So that we can all help each other along the path to success. And that's, I mean, that's the whole idea. And so to bring it full circle with this with the Spider Man movies, I mean, Tom Holland, at least in my opinion, he's kind of becoming the new Iron Man, that was kind of a theme of the movie, who's going to be the next iron man who's going to be the next Iron Man. And then there's that scene, he's in the airplane. And he's messing with the Holograms, and he's creating his new suit. And back in black comes on the AC DC song. And in that moment are like, Oh my gosh, he is the new Iron Man. He's the new leader. But first, he had to be the student. First he had to learn he had to grow along that path. And then now, it seems like at least they're setting him up to be the new leader of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to be the new superhero, the main star. And so I mean, that's the whole point is we're all growing, we're all learning along this path. But eventually, we get to the point where we get to share that knowledge with others.

Kalob Valle  19:42  
And you know, the best part about it is you don't have to be you don't have to have super strength. You don't have to be super intelligent, you can just be you and on your your passes path to success, you're going to learn a lot of things and eventually you will be the mentor taking people under their wings and showing them an easier path. I think that's such a beautiful part of what our world is, you know, people leaving back their knowledge so that people can continue to progress on that path and become, we can progress this journey to success as a whole. And I think that's much more powerful than as an individual because then you only get one life to progress success. But then if you pass down a knowledge that's success, because it builds and builds and builds and other people will be able to enjoy the fruits of that. Anyways. That is all we have for today. You guys have seriously been so awesome. As always, we want to invite you guys to visit our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, whatever follow us like us comment shoot us messages we're all about as well as send us some emails and listen to the earlier podcast we have some juicy stuff This one's been more kind of just a fun. We we do get a little serious there at the end which is awesome. Love that. And but check out our other podcasts. We have so much fantastic content. We have a lot more incredible stuff coming your way. But like always, you guys have a successful day.

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