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Marketing & Personal Branding | Andrea Palten
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Marketing & Personal Branding | Andrea Palten

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Jacob talks to Andrea Palten about culture, communities, marketing, personal branding… oh yeah, and her gangster years :). After 18 years of corporate marketing & 10 years of consulting, Andrea packaged up her knowledge and started teaching it to consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs!She's owned multiple businesses and knows what it takes to scale and grow a business the right way!

Andrea Palten

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  • Jacob’s Episode: Balancing your Side Hustle
  • She is from Germany and immigrated to US as a teenager.
  • Since she was the youngest, she learned English the fastest, and led the family.
  • She went to school for journalism, and had to do a story on the Columbine shooting. It was really hard on her to do such a horrible story. 
  • She did a radio job, and met the CEO. She told him that she wasn’t happy in her job, and he said that he needed a marketing coordinator. 
  • She worked her way up in marketing, and eventually became an executive of marketing. 
  • She started teaching marketing and found that her true passion was helping and teaching others. 
  • Her Dad passed away, and she left her job, sold everything and went to help her mom. 
  • She decided that “life is short, you don’t know when you are going to go, you need to do what you love.” 
  • She decided to become a business coach with an expertise in marketing.

Immigration, Culture, and Community

  • The younger you are, the easier it is to integrate into a new culture. 
  • She went from a small town to a big city. 
  • Andrea got caught up in the Gang culture. She went to places she shouldn’t have been. 
  • When you get to know people who are different, even when their from a “bad” place, you see that they really are just people. 
  • Put yourself in a new environment. It will teach you a new perspective on life. 
  • Where does happiness come from? Will money or worldly possessions make you happy? No. 
  • We need community! We need to feel welcomed and help other people! 


  • You can’t run a business without marketing. 
  • You can’t run anything without marketing. 
  • What’s the point in running a business if you don’t have any sales?
  • There is black hat and white hat marketing. 
  • The best marketing is being a good person. 
  • Marketing is vital to your business. 
  • GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE then you ASK.
  • Provide value and people will be willing to give value back. 
  • Create real lifelong relationships with people. 

Most important marketing tasks

  • Find your Niche
  • Define your value proposition (you aren’t selling a product or service you are selling a transformation)
  • Create a lead magnet 

Creating a Personal Brand

  • Become a Thought Leader
  • LinkedIn is an important platform for this. 
  • Get a LinkedIn account and start growing your network. 
  • Most important: create valuable content related to your industry. 
  • Even if you’re not an expert, start learning! Share the things that you are learning and you will quickly become an expert. 
  • Your Network is your Net Worth

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