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Making A Big Ask | Nicole Matthews - Henley Company
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Making A Big Ask | Nicole Matthews - Henley Company

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Nicole Matthews Henley Company Success Quest

Have you ever wanted something so bad that it’s all you could think about? Well, on this episode of SuccessQuest, Nicole Matthews will teach you how to accomplish your dreams. In fact, it’s as simple as asking :)

Nicole’s Story

  • She has been an entrepreneur since 2007.
  • She was working in events and PR for a big law firm.
  • She felt like she was in a wrong spot, and it took her 5 years to get out of her job.
  • She started her business on the side and eventually went in full time.
  • She founded Henley Co. They plan events and do concierge service.
  • She’s worked 3 Olympic Games and 6 Super Bowls.

Side Hustle vs. Jumping all in

  • Nicole is grateful that she spend time in corporate America for a while.
  • You are where you are to learn the lessons you need to learn and make the connections you need to make.
  • Because she started it as a side hustle, she was able to slowly scale her business and learn skills from her current job.

How do you know when it’s time to move on?

  • A family friend had a 14 month old almost drown.
  • This made Nicole think about how short life is, and she didn’t want to live it with any regrets.
  • She hadn’t planed on quitting, but one day, going into work, she felt peace and decided to quit.

Benefits of events

  • Technology is amazing, and it provides opportunities to meet virtually.
  • That said, there is still a huge benefit of meeting face to face.
  • Don’t throw parties for the sake of parties.
  • An event needs to be purposeful and well planed.
  • If the event could be done virtually, maybe it should be. Do something different that makes the face-to-face connection meaningful.

Struggles building a company

  • You need to be brave enough to get out of what you’re not good at.
  • Be willing to outsource work you don’t care about or aren’t good at.
  • The whole point of doing your own thing is being free and creative. If it feels like a job, then why not stay in corporate America.
  • Do what makes you feel fulfilled.

Outsourcing & Delegation

  • As your business grows, you NEED to have your business continue even if YOU can’t be there.
  • Be selective.
  • Be clear on direction.
  • Understand that they won’t love your business like you do.
  • TRUST - you have to trust people to get the work done.


  • Book - Permission! Stop Competing and Start Creating the Life You Want to Live
  • Nicole loves the olympics and England.
  • When she heard the olympics were going to be in London, she really wanted to work at the olympics.
  • The power of a network: “Somebody I know, knows somebody that can make it happen”
  • You have to be bold enough to ask people to help you accomplish your goals.
  • She sent a message to her network letting people know about her goal (125 people).
  • She got about 30 responses!
  • She was connected with people who helped her become the account manager for the CEO of Visa Europe.
  • She was his personal assistant for the course of the games.
  • She had an amazing experience, and it all happened because she was willing to ask.

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