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Livestream with Jody Sedrick
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Livestream with Jody Sedrick

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Jacob and Kalob kick off SuccessQuest’s live events with their first-ever livestream! We do a Q&A and answer our listener’s questions and talk to our guest, Jody Sedrick. 

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Jacob Harmon  0:12  
Hello, and welcome back to SuccessQuest. This is gonna be a little bit different of an episode because this week we actually did our first ever live stream. We were live on youtube, and Facebook, and even Periscope. And I'm just going to throw in the recording of our live episode here so that you can listen to it if you'd like to see the video instead. I'm also going to throw the link to that in the show notes. So feel free to look at that. But without further ado, here is our live stream.

Kalob Valle  0:45  
What's up everybody?

Jacob Harmon  0:48  
We are alive.

Kalob Valle  0:50  
Oh my gosh, man. We have been waiting for this day for a while now. And we're so excited to finally be here in a virtual online type of events. First off, I'm Kayla. I'm Jacob Harmon. And we are live streaming on Facebook. We're on Twitter, we're on YouTube. We're on Periscope, I mean all these different platforms, just because we want to stretch your arms as far as we can. What we got what we have for you guys today is super special and super awesome. We're going to have a special guest speaker and we're going to treat this kind of like we were going to treat our live event it's going to be different because we were planning on having a live event with a venue. And it just turned out that there were so many people who were interested, that weren't going to be able to come. We just made the big decision that we were just going to go ahead and do a virtual event. It is planned a little bit differently than we then the live event. But um, it's still gonna be super awesome. We're going about talking about success tips, talk a little bit about us, help educate everybody on what it is exactly that we want to do. What success club stands for, how you can be a part of it, how you can help us out and then we're going to be taught Welcome to our special guest of the day, God Cedric, and we're so excited to have him because he is just incredible. We'll talk about him later. But um, man, let's just go ahead and do this. We are so pumped. Um, let's just go ahead and start with the introductions.

Jacob Harmon  2:14  
Excellent. And one other thing before we do that, Kalob Yes. If you're watching this, maybe you listen to our podcast, maybe you know about us already. Maybe you don't. But either way, share this because one of our big goals with this live stream is to get some new people that haven't heard of SuccessQuest, maybe haven't listened to the podcast, and teach them what SuccessQuest is share us. So definitely share this and we're going to kind of have a fun little hour, hour and a half here. We'll see how long it goes talking about success. And my name is Jacob Harmon. For those of you who don't know me, I I'm originally from a very small town in Wyoming. That's actually where we're at right now. Fill in this

Kalob Valle  2:55  
very small town, very small.

Jacob Harmon  2:57  
It's an incredibly small town. I come from a big Family and I've kind of always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was 14, I started my first business, and it failed. That happened. That's business, right? Yeah, well, so I started a wind and solar business, I was getting interested in wind turbines and alternative energy and clean energy. And so I kind of started researching it. I found some really cost effective wind turbines and I started researching them contacted the manufacturer, even I was, I was a teenager, I contacted the manufacturer, and got like a house unit. I'll have to post some pictures of this business on on our Facebook page. But that's kind of where it all started. Then I built a website for my wind and solar business. It's called mountain wind and solar back at that time, and didn't sell one thing. didn't sell anything. Failed business, but I did learn a lot of skills. I learned how to build a website. I got really interested in the tech side of things in the marketing. And so I started a web design company. When I was in high school, I built a few websites, nothing super big. And but that's that's where that started. And then in the most more recent years that web design company has become a lot more successful. I probably have about four clients at any given time that I'm building websites for. And that was that website design business got me through college, quite literally the money through that got me through college debt free. So that's kind of where I'm at and what about you Kalob? What's your story?

Kalob Valle  4:35  
I'm Kalob Valle I started my first I've always been into business. I've always been into the idea of kind of success coaching. I very much admire people like Tony Robbins and Dean gross EEOC and Gary Vee, all these big people who, whose they who have dedicated their lives to inspiring and helping people. They're in the business of people and I love that by started my first business it was business quote unquote, right? Because you're a kid right? a lemonade stand is a business quote unquote. Um, but I started selling glow sticks. I bought a large amount of clothes I bought like 10,000 glow sticks when I was 10 um, thanks to my dad's help, and I went and I sold them door to door. So I was a door to door salesman from 10 years old. After that I was doing sales. I had a job in my life since that point on, you know, I was working for my dad, I was in his business. I branched out and started doing sales and all different aspects of call centers door to door, online, whatever, like all of it, and it was just my gosh, so I guess I would consider myself more of a Salesman than anything. I have had different types of businesses. I did a window cleaning thing, which was pretty awesome. But I just decided I didn't like doing that anymore. I decided I wanted to become a nurse and then I decided we were going to go down the medical coding route. And then I mean in the mix of all that, we should SuccessQuest. And we I mean, this is something you can learn about at our website success, SuccessQuest calm. And you can kind of check out our older podcasts and our blogs and you can see exactly how it is the Jacob and I came to meet each other. Um, but yeah, that's basically us. But now let's talk about what SuccessQuest is okay? Because that's the name of the company and there's, we have a very specific goal in mind. We are here to revolutionize the way people think of success. Because there's so many people that have very stereotypical mindsets about success. And we also live in a day and age where people are greatly seeking success because we know 2019 you can become successful in anything in anything. It's incredible. Like I see people on YouTube who are playing with toys, and have hundreds of thousands of subscribers subscribers, I see people making their careers off of just failing at doing things. And people love it or being silly and being goofy. It's an amazing time to be alive and to, to have that desire to be successful. I think everyone has that. Um, but we want to revolutionize how it is that you go about becoming successful. And I think the greatest part about SuccessQuest is that we're doing it alongside with you. We aren't incredibly successful. We may have had small ventures with businesses in the past but we are wanting to be successful as well. And we'll go into the branches of success here that we believe in but I truly i think it's it's a different feel when it's you and Tony Robbins and then you and Kalob and Jacob because we're right next to you. We're learning and we're doing all this work for for you guys. And with you guys.

Jacob Harmon  7:52  
Yeah, and I love that. That's why we call it SuccessQuest, right because we're on this journey. We're on a journey to success and we successfully, they're like Kalob said, I'm not a millionaire. Do you have a million bucks that I don't know about? because that'd be really nice. That would help fund the business.

Kalob Valle  8:09  
Who needs the pitch?

Jacob Harmon  8:11  
Yeah, so I mean, we're not millionaires, but are. And that's not necessarily the goal either. We'll talk about that, too, how it's not just about financial success. But what we are is we are people that have a huge passion for improvement and getting better each and every day. And so we're here with SuccessQuest to be part of that inspiration and motivation. And I love those two words, inspiration and motivation. You can be inspired to do something. It happens to me every day, I'm inspired to do something, but then it kind of falls flat, right? And so you need both one you need inspiration. You need to have these great, amazing ideas and passion and dreams. But then on the other side of that you also need to be motivated. You need something that can kind of give you that push and accountability so that you can be successful. And what SuccessQuest that's kind of what we're trying to do. We're trying to provide that motivation and inspiration, so that you can become successful so that you can reach your goals so that you can reach your dreams.

Kalob Valle  9:10  
We want to build a community of questor's. So that's, that's you guys, you guys are questor's. We're all questor's in this journey to success. And it's, it's awesome. It's been so cool because there's so many things that we've learned we've created an incredible friendships, relationships that are just amazing, and I wouldn't give up for anything. Um, but let's go ahead we're going to dive into Let me tell you actually, really quickly to recap of what it is we believe success is right. Success is not purely financial. Um, if you go to our website, you'll see it we've kind of listed them a little bit so you kind of see the more in detail, but we believe success. That success encompasses a whole bunch of things like the physical, physical aspect of success, you have to be healthy. There's a social aspect and a mental aspect and an intellectual aspect. Spiritual, all these things play a role in how you become successful financial is important. But it's not the sole thing that makes someone successful. I'm sure you already believe that. But it is widely. It's still something that's ingrained in our person, even though we know that we can be successful without all of the cool cars and, and houses. We all still sort of yearn for that, you know, and we want to be the revolution, so that we can change that part, that part of yearning for these extraordinary items. But today, what we're going to be doing, we're going to have some fun talking about, we've been getting a lot of really awesome feedback and emails. over the period. We've started the podcast over the period that we've started this business. And we have a couple of questions that we'd like to answer in front of everybody. So this is kind of a q amp a. Yeah, I know actually, I made a list of all of our email, all the emails that we've received some of the questions that we thought were really awesome and that we could talk about today.

Jacob Harmon  11:00  
And if you have another question, maybe something that you're thinking about, this is on Facebook, it's on YouTube. It's in other places. We've got those pulled up on our computers right now. So leave us a comment. And we'll be glancing at that every once in a while. And we love to answer questions live that are coming in. Since this is a live stream, we might as well right,

Kalob Valle  11:19  
every super cool.

Jacob Harmon  11:20  
Yeah, so definitely post questions on Facebook, on YouTube, wherever you're at. And we will be looking at that.

Kalob Valle  11:26  
Also, just keep in mind, this is our first time having stream to multiple platforms. So I mean, it's going to be kind of difficult to juggle through all the different comments if there are a lot there doesn't have to be a lot anyways. But we have a lot of questions here that have already been submitted by a lot of our followers. We have quite a few people listening to our podcast now. So I mean, it's been kind of awesome to hear feedback into. Anyways, let's go ahead and we'll just start with the first question, which I really like. And I'll get into that in just a little bit. Um, the first question, we have here If you are new to business, what should you know? Who

Jacob Harmon  12:08  
I think number one, the most important thing for you to know is that business is hard. It's not easy too many times people want to get into business or in anything really. And they just think I'm going to do the easy way. And that's there's a lot of scams out there. We were just talking about this last night. Yeah, there are a lot of scams out there. There's a lot of get rich quick schemes. There's a lot of do this and you'll become a millionaire overnight. It's not true.

Kalob Valle  12:36  
It's crazy to like I can already name off like, okay, drop shipping, buying and selling things off Amazon or like house flipping all these real estate things. These not all like, honestly, people are making money off of them. But the majority of the programs that you see that are advertised to you on Facebook or wherever. A lot of them are scams, man. It's just programs that get you to buy a lot of money and then they don't give you very much more than generic information. You can Fine, anywhere. And so bugs this not me, but you are new to business. What should you know?

Jacob Harmon  13:08  
I really like your answer. And while you're thinking just add a little bit more to that answer, I'll tell you, the TV just went off behind us. That's okay. We'll put it back on. But I just want to say, be ready to invest time, over a long period of time. Like I said, it's not easy. And so if you're, if you're getting into business, that's wonderful. But you need to realize that it's a long game, and it takes time. If you get discouraged the first time someone leaves you a bad review, or the first time you you do you put put a product out there and nobody buys it, or something like that.

Kalob Valle  13:44  
Or Only family buys it. Also be discouraging.

Jacob Harmon  13:47  
Yeah, if you get discouraged. I mean, it's okay to get discouraged from those things. But if you're going to give up and quit, I'll tell you, business probably isn't for you and that's okay. businesses and for everyone. But for those of us that are willing To put forth that work and effort and are willing to kind of suffer through some of the hardships, I like that you can become successful, but it takes time. It does take time.

Kalob Valle  14:09  
It's that aspect of patience. And I feel like you have to have a crazy passion, because that's what will have. That's what will like, give you that patience is if you're crazy driven about it, you just love it to death. If you don't love what you're doing, you're going to die a lot faster live, your business is going to die a lot faster. And Amy, you know, the same. Like I think everyone knows this statistic because we all everyone at one point, I'm sure it's thought about business maybe. But I think the statistic right now is that 90% of businesses fail within the first five years. And then another large, I think, another 60 or 70%. I don't have the exact details. But another 60 or 70% of businesses fail after those five years. So within the people that make it past five years, another huge percentage of people fail after the next five years. It's a waiting game. It's a waiting game. You have to be so driven. And you have to look at all the things that your weekend and try to boost yourself up. Um, but the the thing I'm thinking about so for the live event on that we're going to be having a disclose they were going to disclose later that was weird. I don't know. But I've no editing Yeah, no sorry. That's the great thing about our podcast we can edit out. Um, we were planning on having an actual live events again because God Cedric our special guests here, he's going to be a speaker at that event. We wanted to give you guys a heads of what that that feels like. And we also have made some amazing speeches and stuff that we want to share with you guys. Part of my speech I'm going to be talking about is the triple A is what I call a triple A battery kind of thing. It's going to be fun, but um, basically to be successful in business or anything, you have to have these three A's. First you have to have ambition, then you have to have a good attitude. And then you have to Take action. Okay, those are the only things that you need to become successful, everything else will kind of fall into place if you go with it for long enough. Now, granted, there are some businesses that are just going to fail because it isn't their time. Right? I just recently, not recently, actually a while ago now I finished this book about giving and taking in this different types of personalities. And they shared an experience where these this company spent millions of dollars to build a similar YouTube platform before YouTube even ever came out. And they spent tons of money. I think it was early 2000s. They were doing this I can remember when YouTube became popular. But they spent tons of money they did it. It was it's basically YouTube, they come out with it and it failed. Like no one wanted anything to do with it. And then YouTube came around a little bit later, and they had changed maybe one or two things, but then they they just they destroyed. They blew up in the world took it by storm and now One of the most visited websites in the world, which is crazy. And so a lot of it is timing a lot of his patients, but you have to have a drive, you have to have ambition. And you have to have good attitude. Because if you if you wake up every day and you don't have that attitude, your ambition is going to wither away, you know, the flame is going to die. And then you have to take action. Yeah, have to. Yeah, you can't just do nothing. You can't just sit down. Um, so good question. Very awesome question here. I'll let you go.

Jacob Harmon  17:29  
Can I add something real quick, and then we can go on to the next one. Just one more thing that I would like to add is clear goals, and clear plans to achieve those goals. I think that that's a huge part of becoming successful. And that's, that doesn't just apply to business. That also applies to some of those other areas you were talking about. Maybe even like, with social success, if you just want to make more friends, right. You might want to set some clear goals. And there's a whole bunch of different frameworks out there for making goals. I mean, you can think of smart goals or there's all kinds of goals out there. And we won't get into the details of all those, but basically making very clear, actionable and measurable goals, and then making clear, measurable and actionable plans to achieve those goals.

Kalob Valle  18:15  
I like that you're using the word actionable. I've heard, like reasonable, like all that actionable, I like that.

Jacob Harmon  18:21  
Yeah. Well, sometimes you can make a goal that

Kalob Valle  18:23  
you can't act on.

Jacob Harmon  18:24  
Yeah, you're right. Like sometimes you might make your goal, we could say, hey, our goal is to have 1000 people watch this live stream. There's not much we can do. I mean, it's not a, it's not in our ballpark to do that. It's not our responsibility. I mean, we can throw it out there. But it's, it's out of our ability to to be the person who clicks and starts exactly like that. So you need to make goals that also it's your responsibility. It's something you can do to affect that goal.

Kalob Valle  18:55  
I like that a lot. Okay, let's go on second question. Oh, thank you for that question. Anyways, here we go. This is number two.

Jacob Harmon  19:04  
Okay, this question says how to stay focused on your goals we just talked about how can you stay focused on your goals Kalob?

Kalob Valle  19:13  
And also in caption says, catch your dreams like how can I catch my dreams? This is a funny one because I kind of I actually talked about this a long time ago with my my dad, we were in the car driving and I was talking about SuccessQuest. And I was trying to just kind of reformulate some of the ways we see the world some of the way we phrase things because I think words are important, because they kind of set your mindset to see something and it's under a specific light. So I was I was looking at the phrase, catch your dreams, or like I think that's what it is. I think there's another phrase I'm, I'm going blank right now, the actual phrase but it's like yes to go catch your dreams. We're going to use that analogy. So I started thinking about that. And I was like, Man, it's kind of interesting that we usually put our dreams so far ahead of us. And this is, this is me just speaking rasa. It's gonna, hopefully you guys can follow along, right? But this is my thought process. What if it isn't about putting your dream somewhere super far away and you're the one chasing after it. But instead, you put yourself in a position where you're ahead of the dream. So that when you want that dream, it's, it's there you know, it's behind you instead. So you you look back and you can be the one to choose when you you take hold of the dream. Instead of spending your whole life thinking that it's this thing that's so far ahead of you that you have to chase it. But maybe what in fact we need to do is put ourselves in a situation where our character and our situation are in line with the with being able to be ahead of our dreams, so that when I have a dream, I can I can choose when to Tackling that it's mine, you know, I don't know. Does that kind of make sense?

Jacob Harmon  21:03  
Yeah, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I might be interpreting what you're saying.

Kalob Valle  21:06  
Yeah, I know. But

Jacob Harmon  21:08  
it almost makes me think of perspective, right? It depends on how you look at the world and and sometimes changing your perspective, just a tiny bit can make a huge difference. Like, for example, you could say, Man, I wish I was more healthy. I wish I was skinnier, right? Or what you can do is you can say, I am the type of person that exercises right, like making making it in the present tense, yes. And kind of just taking on that identity. Even if I don't exercise like I struggle with that. You can say, okay, starting today, I am that person I'm taking on the identity of the person I want to be. And I am the type of person that exercises every day and eat healthy. Mm hmm. I like that and then all of a sudden you're taking on this identity. Is that what you were talking serious?

Kalob Valle  21:54  
Okay. Very well. I think we actually kind of talked about this in a previous podcast. I'm where I'm drawing a blank. But I'm thinking it'll come back to me, it'll come back to me. But basically, that's what it is. It's being able to Yeah, changing your perspective a little bit so that now you're not just thinking it's some faraway object that's going to be really hard to reach, but instead doing just came back to me. So, for example, when people are like, Oh, it's a break, or to make a new habit. Everyone's heard of this, right? There's like a billion different things I've heard. It's a break a habit, or to make a habit, you have to do that same thing in a row, 24 days in a row, or 40 days or so. I'm not exactly sure what it is. But I've heard 740 2028 120 I don't know. I've heard a lot of different ways. And I think the real trick of the matter, it isn't about putting a number on how many times you have to do a specific thing to make it a habit. I think you just have to wake up and decide that that's the person you're going to be making. Commit, make it a commitment make it a part of your lifestyle instead of something that's hard that's out there, you know, it's in you, not outside of you, you know, I'm trying to make this so you can relate to how I'm feeling about it. But yeah, ENU has to stem from your soul from your heart, not just be this thing on a piece of paper that you're going to look at every day and say, Man, I didn't do it or I failed and I get discouraged. But instead say every morning, this is Kalob, you know, I wake up every morning and I worked out, or I don't wake up every morning and work out but I wake up maybe every other morning and I try to work out that's who I am now. And then eventually you say I am Kalob by and I wake up every morning and it worked out, you know, and you make it a lifestyle decision. I think that's how we should approach catching your dreams. Just make it a lifestyle. choice. Make it a part of who you are, instead of something that's out there on a piece of paper or in a dream catcher. I don't What you do? Yeah, I think that's what would help you so much more, to catch your dreams to stay focused on your goals because it's, it's in you now it's part of your persona. No,

Jacob Harmon  24:11  
no, no, that's awesome. I have two more things I'd like to say on that one. So staying focused on your guys, one thing that you said is you mentioned, okay, I'm going to work out every other day maybe. And then every day, do small things. Instead of instead of making your goal actionable, right, making it actionable, instead of doing something that's so far out there, and so ridiculous, because you aren't even close to that, make a smaller goal, make something that you can actually achieve. And that way when you achieve it, it's going to do a few things for you. One, it's going to actually make you a little more excited, and it's going to motivate you more because you were able to achieve it. You won't be as discouraged. And then second, once you actually can accomplish something that's easier. It's really easy to add something on to that is OK, now I'm going to do every day or Okay, now I'm good Do instead of instead of sitting down and planning my day, I'm going to sit down and plan my day. And then at the end of the day, I'm also going to sit down and review my day. So it's just adding, adding things on top of each other so that it's not so complicated. That's one thing. Did you have something

Kalob Valle  25:16  
to say? But now you just made me think like, it's the same reason that we don't just feed babies steak, right? We kind of have to start them off really small, like I mean, and if you're in it, you're entering a new arena that you're not very familiar with, you should consider yourself a baby at that thing. You know, you're you are brand new, you are not going to be good. So don't give yourself crap. Babies can't even walk, you know, brand new new boys, I can't do anything. So you should consider yourself that and give you treat yourself as such. And then eventually, after you've been doing small things, and you start crawling and you start walking, then you can start doing bigger things. You can start eating those little. Oh, no, we have a little baby. So we're going through the stage right now and he actually just got like 10 That like one time, it was nuts. It was I felt so bad for the kid. But um, he is now able to eat a lot more healthier foods, whereas previously it was all pure, right, you know, like and it's all little steps. So in the example of exercising you should treat yourself as such if you are brand new to the subject, which I am, I'm kind of suck at exercising, but I should be exercising more for all the hot and spicy is that I? It's not good. Anyways,

Jacob Harmon  26:26  
yeah. And then the one other thing that I was going to talk about was focus is the question says how to stay focused on your goals. And we talked a lot about goals. But I think one of the things of focus is eliminating distractions. We live in a world that is full of distractions. We have Facebook, we have Twitter, we have all these social networks. We also have notifications on our phones popping up all the time. I one of the things that that I've really been working on is trying to kind of get rid of some of those things, especially when I get home from work. Yeah, when I walk home, when I get home, I want to be with my wife and my kids. I want to spend some quality time with them. So I've just been putting away my computer because I tend to get on my computer and work like crazy. At last I'm kind of a workaholic. So I kind of just put my computer away. And I stopped my phone with me. But I just kind of started ignoring the notifications if I haven't been texting you back. That's why Yeah. But I'm trying to be less distractible. And then there, it's it's a lifelong journey. I think that I'm still struggling with it. But little by little, I'm working on eliminating some of those distractions so that I can stay focused on the things that are important to me, like my family, like SuccessQuest, these types of things that I really want to invest my time and I love them.

Kalob Valle  27:45  
Very cool. Okay. Um, let us go on to the next question. But before we do, I would just like to say for anyone who's joining into the stream right now, thank you for joining this is just the best we love doing things with SuccessQuest and like our podcasts and our was our website, um, you have just joined the clusters. Basically if you are new to watching this right now, we are talking about tips on how to become more and more successful. Which is just the best way because and another thing we aren't truly successful ourselves. We aren't Tony Robbins. We aren't Degrassi. We are people just like you who just have dreams and aspirations. And we're trying to take action on that. And we want to build a community of people like you and me, and Jacob, where we can all just strive for success. And we're, we're going to be doing Let me see how Okay, well, we have to say thank you for watching everybody. And we do have a lot of watch listeners right now, which is awesome. Um, but let's go ahead and get straight to this next question, which is how to handle stressful situations, on your journey to success. So I added that last part, but it's how to handle stressful situations. Not necessarily talking business but just like when you you just want to strive you want to be successful in a specific area, maybe physically and maybe socially, but you can't handle the stress of it. You know, how do you handle that?

Jacob Harmon  29:11  
Yeah, um, for those of you who have listened to our podcast a few weeks ago, I told a story. And I'm just going to tell the quick version, and a few lessons that I learned from it. But we recently just moved into a house. But before that, we were in a basement apartment.

Kalob Valle  29:27  
Getting out of apartments.

Jacob Harmon  29:31  
Before that, we were in a basement apartment and our apartment flooded. And it was so bad. My wife texted me while I was at work, and she's like, hey, the apartment is flooded. Can you come home? I texted back from like, How bad is it and she's like, it's pretty bad. It's, it's bad. You need to get here so I left work. And thankfully, I had a good boss. He was like, yeah, go get out of here. So we're home. And it was bad. Like we had to tear up the entire floor of the apartment. Water had gotten everywhere. It was a mess. And, man, that was that was a hard day. What was the question again? dealing with?

Kalob Valle  30:09  
Yeah, stressful situations.

Jacob Harmon  30:11  
Yeah, I mean, that was a stressful situation. We had just moved in there. We had two, two little kids. One of them's a two year old, one was barely newborn. And we just moved, we'd gotten our stuff all situated, and then that happened, super stressful. But there were three things that I learned that day of how you can deal with those stressful situations. Step. Lesson number one was to take a step back and get out of the situation. Because sometimes when you're in the middle of it when you're in the heat of it, right, it's just pure emotion. There's anger, stress, there's all these things makes me think of inside out the little little people in your head. They're just controlling you, right? Yeah. Obviously, the people don't exist. But anyways, like there's just all these emotions that are running through so what you have to do this sometimes take a deep breath and remove yourself from that situation, so that you can think clearly In this case, while I was driving was a perfect time to do that I had to leave work anyways. And it was about a 10 minute drive to get home. And so instead of just being like, Oh my gosh, our apartment is flooded God. I was in the car, it was quiet, I could think I had some time to my thoughts. And I was able to calm down before I even got there to see the damage. That was super helpful. Another thing is to have a good sense of humor. That can really be a lifesaver. And I learned that from my wife that day, you

Kalob Valle  31:30  
got to have a good attitude. You have to be able to find the funny and the good out of everything, or else you're just gonna drown in the negativity. Absolutely.

Jacob Harmon  31:40  
And I learned that from my wife that day. She was making jokes the whole time. We were cleaning up and she was like she was like making jokes and laughing and at one point she was like pulling up a board because we're taking out before and she fell on not always all up her ballet.

And what did she do? She was laughing her head off she thought I funniest thing. And I was looking at my wife, I was like, man, I married a good woman, like, I'm so grateful that she was able to find humor and also allow me to find humor in that situation. And then lesson number three that I learned that day is be grateful for what you do have, like we had an apartment. Some people don't have that. Right? Thankfully, I had, I was living really, really close to family members. And my dad knew what to do in the situation. He knew how to how to stop the water, how they how to get it all cleaned up, and he came to help me install a new floor. Like, I'm brilliant. I'm so grateful that I have those resources. And so if you find the things to be grateful for in those stressful and hard situations, it's going to help a lot. Yeah,

Kalob Valle  32:43  
yep, totally agree. And I was actually I was just going to answer back with what I was saying previously about having ambition and an attitude. Your ambition is should be what drives you. You know, you should be passionate about something. So when you're facing stressful times, you know, I like using the exercising thing right? You wake up When you don't do your exercises, like everyone, like everyone, right, everyone sleeps in, and they don't want to do that stuff. And there are people on Facebook and Instagram and make it look like they do it every day. That's not true. And maybe there are some people who are doing it every day, kudos to them. But like, Don't compare yourself to people like that who look perfect on social media outlets. Um, let your ambition motivate you. So if you want to wake up at six in the morning and go for a run at that motivation, push you to do that. And don't tell yourself it's because you want to run tell yourself that's because you care about your body, give yourself a deeper meaning to your goal. And then you have to have a good attitude. Especially when times get hard and you don't follow through. When you don't follow through is the time you should be the most positive with yourself. You know what to dad and follow through. But I'm not going to be myself up about it. I'm not going to cry. I'm not going to hurt my Self internally, because I failed. I'm going to get back up and I'm going to start again tomorrow and it's going to be awesome. And if tomorrow rains and you're like, dang, I said, I was gonna do it today and I'm discouraged again, the next day, you know, like, keep pushing yourself, let the motivation drive you into me let it become a part of your character. I keep wanting to speak Spanish and say, let it become a part of your Sarah, you know, you're being you're being anyways.

Jacob Harmon  34:27  
It's, it's, it's not about perfection. It's about improvement.

Kalob Valle  34:30  
It's about improvement. It's about any type of small progression. Because if you are progressing at any length, or at any speed velocity you are progressing. Just don't be Don't, don't stand still. Because in life, when you're standing still, you aren't progressing, you are falling backwards. In fact, you can't just stand still and be at the same exact spot. So you have to choose in life to either progress or digress. But progression can be at any speed. That's the cool part about it. All. No one says he has to be running, you know, at Mach 12 in order for you to be at progressing, you know you can be progressing at any speed in your life. Right? Um, we are looking at the time right now because we are looking at when to bring in God on so I'm going to skip all of the rest of our questions. We have one question that I really want to answer about understanding your why. Because we talked in a podcast previously about your y, which is the thing that motivates you, it's part of your ambitious person. You should be able to wake up every morning and the reason you get out of bed is your why. And people I mean, you might be thinking well what is a why what does that mean? Well, why do you work? Why do you bring food to the table? Why are you getting money? You know, what is your true Why is it for family is it for status? Is it for fame, what is your WHY? And let that envelop you? And I found that the best wise are usually the ones that have the most humble. But we don't have a lot of time to discuss this, I'm actually just going to refer you to our podcast at our website, my SuccessQuest. com, go ahead, go to the website, and you can click on podcasts and you can kind of listen to all our previous podcasts. That one in particular isn't called understanding your why it's understanding purpose. Um, it, it goes along kind of more with spiritual success, which is really awesome. So you guys go check that out, or you can check out all of our podcasts. And and another thing I want everyone to do who's listening, go ahead and visit the website anyways, if you're not going to listen to podcasts, that's fine. But you should go on and at least subscribe to our emails. Because we send out newsletters and we are constantly trying to hype people up about the next event that we're going to be doing.

Jacob Harmon  36:50  
And we'll talk a little bit more about that at the end too. All right. I'll bring up the website and kind of show you guys right where you can go to find different things. So but you know what, let us go ahead and We're going to be bringing on Jodi Cedric everybody. So let's welcome Jody Cedric to the stream. Hey, one second. Let me actually get your audio on God. They probably can't hear you yet. Yeah,

Kalob Valle  37:09  
not yet. I know. I don't know if they can they see him? Not yet. Okay, cool. Well, he looks great.

Jacob Harmon  37:16  
We're experiencing. This is the first time we've ever live stream. So yeah, this is my patient with

Kalob Valle  37:22  
while he's trying to figure that out. I'm just going to put another little side bit into following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, on our YouTube channel, we're actually going to be coming out with a large series of YouTube videos, which will probably be explaining more in depth throughout the next month. Also, we want we're going to be introducing introducing I guess you can't introduce an event. We're going to be telling you guys exactly when our next event is going to be how the ticket system is going to work and how you guys can become a Questor. So perfect. So let's go ahead. I think we're ready, right.

Jacob Harmon  37:57  
I think so. Jody, can you say something? We'll see if We can hear you. Oh, no.

Kalob Valle  38:03  
Oh, man,

Jacob Harmon  38:05  
can you hear us? Give us a thumbs up if you can hear us. Okay, he can hear can hear this is good. we've replaced with one more hand. Yeah,

Kalob Valle  38:12  
it's actually funny because previously, we figured out how to do the moat, the streaming on multiple platforms pretty easily. It was finding out how to use. We're using zoom to get God online. And so we wanted to stream on all these platforms, bring in God, and we're using OBS to hook it all up. And then we needed to get us another app, so that we could find audio inputs, we needed to add another audio input so that God could talk. It was a whole ordeal. It was crazy. So many of you guys are trying to figure all this stuff or if you know an easier way to do this, please let us know because the way we're doing is probably incredibly complicated and it doesn't need to be. But of course, we're going to be taking a lot of time in the future to figure out ways to make this more easy. On and then it You guys actually want to do something similar if you guys are looking to stream things we can show you guys are set up and you guys can just copy paste. You know, we're all in this together guys on this together. It's not a dog eat dog world like everyone things. I would rather we live in a world where everyone's giving of their own free will their success secrets because then everyone can benefit and we can all enjoy the little bits of success. It's not about the money. It's about waking up every morning and loving the person that you are. I think that's the most that's the most important thing. Another thing about God, I The reason I think I love God so much is because he is everything that SuccessQuest stands for. And you guys are going about to find that in a minute. I'm going to praise him all the time about this. I was telling him actually over the phone. I don't know if it was yesterday or a couple days ago. But I was just telling you I was like man, the reason we want to have you so badly at our events and be a speaker is not just because of your business background but it's hugely because of just the care your character and your your person and I think people should look at that as an example um yeah we're putting God on a pedestal so I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable God but he's like he's actually like I really liked this post Can you

Jacob Harmon  40:22  
say something again as a test Jody

Jody Sedrick  40:24  
Yes, I can. Yeah, we go. Oh, I like it as a picture Jacob though I don't have any video. Oh.

Jacob Harmon  40:37  
You're probably looking at my webcam on my computer right? stream webcam right?

Jody Sedrick  40:44  
Yeah, all I see is a nice face shot of Jacob look.

Kalob Valle  40:49  
It's true though.

Jacob Harmon  40:52  
Hey, can you see us both now?

Jody Sedrick  40:54  
Nope. I still see Jacob. Yeah.

Jacob Harmon  40:58  
Oh, start video.

Kalob Valle  40:59  
Yes. Oh,

Jody Sedrick  41:00  
Now I see.

Jacob Harmon  41:03  
All right, well, I'm glad to have you here God and we've never met before you and Kayla shocked, but this is the first time I've ever got to talk to you. So, I mean, good to meet you.

Jody Sedrick  41:13  
Yeah, nice to meet you. I'm super excited. You know, we, we've just had some fun discussions, you know, offline, know, as you guys are building this, and I love it that you call each other questor's. Because success really is about the journey. It's not about the destination. And we get so focused on the destination that we miss everything that's happening with us as we're building the dream. And that's probably the most important part of it is what are you becoming in the process of working for your goal or working towards quote success? Right.

Kalob Valle  41:52  
I love that. It's true. You know, the other thing I find is to that some people not only are focusing too much on the The nation, they're getting the destination wrong. And you know, I don't like people, you can have any goal you want in life, but there are definite goals that should take precedence over other goals, like your personal health. That's, that's an important goal, right? Like your work shouldn't necessarily come before your health. And I think some people just get destinations confused and then they get too focused on those destinations. And then they they miss out on life entirely. So on. Anyway, we welcome you officially Jody, to the stream. We're so excited to have you here. I'm, honestly I kind of just want let's go ahead and do a quick introduction of just your background. Try to summarize it maybe one minute, two minutes of who you are, how you became to have the knowledge that you have your life story.

Jody Sedrick  42:47  
Alright, so my life story. No, actually, I am one of the co founders of a company called ZN, where we actually had our 10 years celebration. Last night, wow. Yes. Because you know that only 66% of businesses fail before they get to year 10.

Kalob Valle  43:14  
That's what yeah, that's what we were just talking about. Yeah,

Jacob Harmon  43:16  
exactly easy. We talked about that. Literally this morning, we're making some goals for SuccessQuests were like, if we can get the five or 10 years like we've got it solid, it's just getting there. That's the hard part.

Jody Sedrick  43:27  
Congrats. So congratulate, I've been working with my team to build zoom, where I've been married 30 years been with my wife, 33 years. I have six kids, two of them are adopted. And that the thing that that I measure success by is every day I come home and at least one person is happy to see me.

Kalob Valle  43:50  
Love it. And that's why you have lots of kids, right? So at least one of them loves you and

Jody Sedrick  43:55  
there's always at least one that loves me. Good. No, that's awesome. That's awesome. That's fantastic. So

Kalob Valle  44:02  
some things that maybe people don't know I follow you on Facebook, I follow you on because I just loved your enthusiasm. I love your energy. You have a huge business background, right? You you've developed this and you've been at it for 10 years. You actually also do lots of speaking events, right? You do. Yeah. You do a lot of speaking for a lot of people. Tell us a little bit about that. How do you even get started?

Jody Sedrick  44:22  
Yeah, yeah, my wife and I, my wife and I hosts a podcast together called choose don't excuse or we explore the power of choice in your life, because we believe everything starts with the choice. The problem is a lot of times and you guys were talking about this earlier, it's easy to get inspired. It's easy to get motivated, but it's hard to stay disciplined. Yeah, and discipline is a third key that you have to have. Because inspiration and motivation all fail. discipline, when you can dig in when it gets hard. That's what really drives you So with with Chief john excuse we explore you know, the power of choice. Both, you know in your business life, your personal relationships with your family life. I mean, it affects everything. And then I also have another podcast called father's fires spelled with a why this one is offered? Yeah, where we, where I explore lessons learned either as the oldest of eight kids with my dad or experiences with my kids and you know, try to give some Nuggets to help dads get, you know excited about being a dad because we always hear the story about bad dads or missing dads or you know, step dads that have abandoned their kids, but we don't hear the stories about great dads. And so I'm like, you know what, we need to have a podcast about being a great dad. And that can be for single dads or divorced dads or granddad's or step dads, you know, we all feel that role. It's just whether or not we're going to stay engaged with that commitment of being involved engaged that so.

Jacob Harmon  46:09  
And I like to dig in a little bit more to that. Because one of the we've we've talked about this already, but one of the big things we believe in SuccessQuest is that it's about balance. It's not about making a million bucks and boom, you're successful. But those relationships are also huge. So my question for you God is, what is your advice to our audience about balancing, having a family and also having a company and having a business? How do you deal with that? I'm sure sometimes, the business overstep and the family overstep and it's hard to stay completely balanced. But what are your recommendations? What are your tips for our audience on that?

Jody Sedrick  46:45  
Number one, and the most important tip, I think, is it wherever you are, to be 120% present. Oh, yeah. I mean, I mean you when you're with your kids, be all in when you're with your wife be all in turn the phone off sometimes, ya know, you together, right when your business be all in and one of the things that I've been on a personal quest this year is, are the are the things that I'm doing right now? Are they truly great? Because we all are good at something, but what are the things that I can do to be a little better? And, and I think when we start looking at how we're spending our time, and if we're truly present and we're truly digging in, that's when we find that slight edge of that makes us better. That makes us more competitive, that makes us more engaged with the people that we're with at that time. So be present.

Kalob Valle  47:55  
I love that. That's that's a fantastic piece of advice. So everyone listening This guy has two amazing podcasts fire father's with fire and what was the other one again,

Jody Sedrick  48:05  
choose don't excuse with my wife,

Kalob Valle  48:07  
don't excuse and he does that with his wife, which I love to do a podcast with my wife, but she hates the way she sounds, which I think no one kind of does.

Jody Sedrick  48:17  
My wife started out that way. And now she's really learned to appreciate her, you know, her voice and her mannerisms. And it's part of it. I think a lot of times, it's not that they don't like the sound of their voice. They're actually afraid. Because, I mean, when you put yourself out there, and you guys know this, you guys, look, we're building SuccessQuest. We're not successful in the traditional sense. But we're on a quest to be successful, and we're embracing that quest. And a lot of times we hold back because we're afraid. I mean, that's really the truth. We hold back because oh, well, what if they don't like me? Well, guess what? Half the people aren't Going to like you are going to connect with those people that resonate with your personality that resonate with your experiences. So put yourself out there because you will find your lane. Mm hmm.

Kalob Valle  49:14  
So I actually want to ask now, just talking about getting out there because it is scary. Like I remember when I was first door to door selling. I literally like I was ready to pee myself. I was terrified of people of humans. I was scared of my own race. It's kind of weird to say that but like, that's how it is like, you're like, I'm gonna go knock on this door. It could be a crazy person. I don't know what I'm going to say. And this person I don't know. What What was your first experience? Getting out and doing something that you were scared to do and you liked it and you learned that you could get past it? Do you? Do you remember your first time doing that?

Jody Sedrick  49:52  
I love that question because it kind of goes to something you guys were talking about earlier. When we were Kids, me and my brothers really, really wanted to go to Disney World. And so we went to dad and we said like dad, we'd really like to go to Disney World and he's like, Well guys know we you know, my dad was in the Navy. He was like a need for something. We had like five four kids I think at the time. And you guys look guys straight up. We don't have it have the money to do that. But if you're willing to work with me, and put in the effort will work together and we'll go work towards this dream. So Wow. So in Florida at that time, you actually could sell Krispy Kreme Doughnuts so we would go and we would buy. We would buy 100 dozen of donuts. And on Saturday morning we would go three little kids me Chad and Shawn and we would not thought door to door You're seven o'clock in the morning eight o'clock in the morning knocking on somebody's door with your cute little kid smiley face card. Have some nice hot, fresh don't. So yeah, Was it scary knocking on that door? But our vision was so big we wanted to go to Disney World we ended up are actually and we paid not only for the trip to Disney World, but the hotel. The tickets.

Kalob Valle  51:29  
No, Way!

Jody Sedrick  51:30  
we did that twice. right because our vision was big enough to push past that fear. And it got to the point where people were almost expecting us to show up.

Kalob Valle  51:44  
That's awesome. Yeah, so it's just like the fruits of your labor right like man like even though you can be scared at something and this is for you guys listening out there. This listen to Jodi's story, even though you're afraid like pushing past a lot of your fears, you'll find that there, the grass is a little greener on the other side, and you're going to enjoy that grass a lot. And it's

Jody Sedrick  52:09  
like, here's the thing. The grass is greener on the other side, but you have to get through the valley first. Right? Everybody wants to climb the mountain. But nobody wants to go through the valley and make the climb. But the valley, like Rachel Hollis says, is exactly what you need to make you strong enough for the climb to get to the peak. I love that. But we all embrace, this is where I'm going. But when the sacrifice comes, that's when we start grumbling. Right. second guessing, and we started going well, maybe I shouldn't have maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe my mom was right. What are you doing? Go just go back to college. Right instead of going you know what, this is my vision. This is my passion and I'm going to dig Deep through the valley until I get to the mountain. And the surprising thing is when you get to the top Guess what? There's another mountain to climb.

Jacob Harmon  53:11  
There's always a higher mountain.

Kalob Valle  53:12  
That's what we're kind of learning right now, man, like being a part of a business, for example, right? I mean, you can be successful in anything, anything you do, you're going to climb a mountain, you're gonna find out there's more to climb still, right? There's always so much more to learn and so much more to do. We're just barely going through our own obstacles. And we're like, man, where did this second mountain come from? Right? That's, that's not fair. I'm just kidding. But I think Jacob,

Jacob Harmon  53:33  
I was just gonna say right now like, this is uncomfortable for me like just being live and talking to people and not being able to edit it right. That's why I love the podcast because I can go in there and I can be like, Oh, I said something stupid. Take that out. But right now, like, this is this is a difficult thing for me. And, but it's it's helping me so much to be a little more confident, to be a little more willing to put myself out. They're even more. And so I think if you're scared of something, if something freaks you out even more reason to do it, yeah. Because then you're going to learn to overcome that and you can't climb a mountain, unless you've built those muscles to climb the mountain, right? And so you have to kind of build those muscles and put forth that effort. And sometimes it's hard and sometimes it hurts, but it's worth it.

Jody Sedrick  54:21  
So you got it, you got to embrace the suck.

Kalob Valle  54:25  
I like that. I actually really liked that I actually use that word a lot. Like this sucks. You have to embrace the suck, man. That's awesome. That's awesome. I write notes because I everywhere I go, there are things I can learn from anybody, especially you Johnny and I hope you questions are homework, kind of doing the same thing. Take notes, because that's how you're going to remember the things that you learned. Um, but anyways, I will post some like my notes afterwards. And we can we can share some of that. So you guys don't forget what we talked about. But I have a question for you, Jody. We were talking a lot of kind of about staying focused on goals, how to handle stressful situation, we kind of figured that it all stemmed back to your ambition and what drives you in life like, man, when you get stressed out, it's going back to the fact that you have something that you're doing it for, you know, when you were selling doughnuts it was because you wanted to go to Disneyland. What would you say? Is your greatest motivation right now that drives you to do all that you're doing?

Jody Sedrick  55:25  
Yeah, you know, straight up? Well, it's actually a couple things. But at the core, it's I'm trying to build a lifestyle for me and my wife and my family. And I think you know, you guys said, I'm not a millionaire right in air quotes, and I'm like, no, it and I think a lot of times we focus on what we see other people's version of successes, but the lifestyle that I want, I want to be able to go on a plane at any time to go watch my daughter play volleyball because she's going to be playing at UB you go over And I want to have the freedom to do that. I want to have the freedom that if my kids need to know they need help, I want to be able to have the cash to just give them so I'm, I'm building a business that will give me the lifestyle that I want. And that you know, for me that encompasses no eventually going on a mission for our church. It encompasses being able to you know, live on the beach or close to the beach. Actually, my ultimate dream is to buy a catamaran and sail Hall right and amazing and, and so I have these long term visions that I'm working for, but I'm not neglecting today. And I think that is a really, really important thing is it's important to have a vision, but don't neglect today because there are so many amazing things happening right now. Like just going to a UVU game or going with my daughter to go by, you know special Hair for her so she can do her hair. No, you got you have to embrace those moments, because they will escape. I mean, like I said, I've been married 30 years, I blinked and my kids were 12 when they were in college,

Kalob Valle  57:17  
I don't want to blink. Now. I think that's probably that's one of your best quotes tonight. I love Don't neglect today. That is just those rings. So true with me. Because I find sometimes even in I'll be home, I'm taking everything for granted. You know, I'm sitting there, maybe I'm playing video games, and my wife is doing something else and my baby's asleep. But I'm like, Man, this is a good time to spend time with my wife. You know, like, and if I neglect that, what memories are being lost to just this mindless stuff that's not doing me anything. You know? That's such a good point. And I feel like especially with social media, everyone loves that stuff, man. I'll get lost in Facebook sometimes. And I'm like, What am I doing? Don't Don't neglect today that I love them.

Jody Sedrick  58:00  
Yeah, and that I love that you brought that up because there are so many things that can suck your time. And they're all good things. But But are they the right thing at the right time? Because when you're doing the right things and being fully present at that time, that's when you find and develop the foundation for success.

Kalob Valle  58:25  
I love that, that foundation for success, man. If you want to become successful, you got to get the basics out of the way first, you know, you can just start going and you can shoot high. I mean, I'm sure there are lots of people who have built their little houses of success on very lame foundations, but it doesn't work, man. It's so hard and then when they fall, they fall hard. It's so much harder to get up afterwards. build that foundation don't neglect today, all these building discipline like we were talking about, Joey I really love all this advice you're giving to us. I think that's why I get so excited. Thinking about the events, how we're gonna have big guys I was. So I was like, Okay, I really want to join you to come out here and to give us a super awesome speech. We had a lot of people who were like, do a virtual event, please because I will be able to go and it'd be better if you get it done later day and we were like, you know what, let's go ahead, we're going to do a virtual event. And I was so upset that we had to postpone Jody's awesome presentation. He has this crazy fire presentation, I can just tell from his enthusiasm and his energy that I think we're all going to enjoy. Is there any maybe little hints of that, that you can share with us to kind of get everybody really excited because I'm excited. I want everyone to kind

Jacob Harmon  59:40  
of we do have a new date for that event where we're going to talk about that. But we do have a new date plan. So we'll be announcing that today.

Jody Sedrick  59:47  
So well. I gave you a little bit about the Krispy Kreme donuts, but I am going to share a story about my experience on an ultramarathon. So I want you there marathon. That is where all right so ultra marathons my brother in law, so actually, years ago at a really good friend that tried that, for years tried to convince me to do the Iron Man. And I'm like, No, no, no. Well, finally I decided to do the Iron Man. So I did the Iron Man. And then after I did the Iron Man, my brother in law, he's an ultra marathoner, and basically, what ultra marathon is, it ranges anywhere from 50 k 200, K to 100 miles. Oh, and you're running my gosh, they're running in the trails of McCall or bear, bear Valley or wherever, right? And so I'm actually doing the femur head ultramarathon, it's a 50 K, so it's 3234 miles along the the ridge between Idaho and Montana, and I get 1517 miles in and we're going to talk about that experience

Kalob Valle  1:00:58  
that that is all Holy crap. They takes a lot of guts to do something like that because I feel like I I'm actually talking about literal guts too, because I will be throwing the literal guts and metaphorical guts. Because it's crazy hard. I'm sure you had to do a lot of training for that, too. I think that's guys, this is gonna be so awesome. Jody is one of the most amazing people. I follow him on Facebook and I was he posts so many awesome videos. I'm not even joking. awesome videos, and they're hilarious to some of them is just him being him. And I wanted to ask you one last question. I don't know if you have one more. Two more questions. Two more. What role does humor play in your life? I love this, this positive attitude that you play. I love seeing you laugh. And I just see that. Yeah, so what does that play for you? What Why do

Jody Sedrick  1:01:55  
you gotta laugh? I mean, it's, I've just gotten to the point where When a big challenge hits me, it was like, All right. All right, I got a laugh and this, there's something, there's something powerful about laughing about a situation. And, and it just, it helps you reset, it helps put a perspective on what just happened. Because I can tell you 2018 and the first half of 2019 were probably the most challenging year of my life, hands down, right? But you just you just have to laugh sometimes and you just and the other side is, I think sometimes it's okay to go into your master bedroom, curl up in the fetal position, have a good cry,

get it out of your system and then go all right, I'm ready to go. Let's go. Right. I think a lot of times we don't give ourselves space to, to reset. Know, we're always I gotta be positive I gotta know have a great vision I gotta work hard. You know what it's okay to go. You know what this this sucks right now it really really sucks and you know I need to step back I need to regroup, I need to pray I need to meditate I need to go pump some iron I need to get this out so that I can now get my heart and my mind in a good place so that I can go face it.

Kalob Valle  1:03:34  
Well, thank you. Thank you I just need that.

Jacob Harmon  1:03:36  
That's awesome. Um so the last question I have for you the title of your your one podcast is choose don't excuse and I feel like excuses are kind of natural for us humans. Like the first thing you want to do is say well wasn't my fault. And this is why I'm so how do you stop that tendency and how do you kind of get away from that mindset of pushing away. Oh, it wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault. Here's a good excuse. How do you change that take responsibility for your actions and make choices to get to where you want to go.

Jody Sedrick  1:04:12  
really at the core, you have to own it. You have to own your life because here's the thing, there are things that are going to happen that you don't intend, right? That is just the nature of life. On the flip side, you are going to make mistakes, you're going to get both of those. And so you just have to own both of those on the one side, you know, I made a mistake, I need to own it. What can I learn from it? What How can I do better and just straight up on it on the other side, when things happen against you. You can't there's nothing you can do to prepare against that. But you can own the way that you react. You can own the way you choose to respond. And when you are own both sides of that, then you're destined for greatness. you're destined to get where you're trying to go.

Kalob Valle  1:05:08  
Wow, that's awesome, dude. Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us on this live stream. Um, I want to tell everybody like please go follow God Cedric looked out father's fire, look up, choose not don't excuse Jews, don't excuse, choose, don't excuse shoes, don't excuse and put that up make that a part of your podcast series of what you listen to every day. This guy is amazing. And for future reference, we are going to be having an October event live where God Cedric is going to be coming from Idaho to come and speak to you guys. We're gonna have a q&a we're going to be speaking as well it's going to be a rock concert event is it's going to be absolutely insane. And just so you guys got to hear a little sneak peek of what John's gonna be talking about. It's awesome and plus,

Jody Sedrick  1:05:58  
you get the real Heavy swinger and that's my wife cuz she's coming with me young she got the real message.

Kalob Valle  1:06:06  
So we we invited Jodi's wife to come up to because she is crazy, like she is okay. I mean, the reason God is awesome, right is probably because of his wife. I mean, no doubt, no doubt. We actually asked, I forgot that we asked, it was only today that we asked her, I'm getting really excited. We asked his wife to come up as well, because we were like, you know what, we need a strong female presence to kind of just put us all in our place, you know, and show us that this is a real event, you know, we need this to be palpable to be meeting. So I'm so grateful to the fact that you and your wife are going to take the time to come down here. It's going to be an amazing experience to all of you out there. We're going to be doing it's

Jacob Harmon  1:06:46  
October 26, from six to nine, and it's going to be in the Salt Lake area. The venue is still to be announced and we will announce that but the tickets are already on sale. So if you go to our website right now You can purchase tickets to this event, it's only going to be $10 for admission. So very adorable. It's a very affordable event. So yeah, we're really excited because that's one of the goals we have a successful is to is we want to make this accessible to people. We don't want to be out there charging $10,000 for a program, right? We want this to be something that you can receive that motivation and inspiration, no matter where you are in

Kalob Valle  1:07:27  
life. Exactly. And for future reference, all of our events are going to be packed with speakers who are incredibly amazing, just like God, Cedric just like his wife. And you guys, you guys need to act on this quick, I can't guarantee that there's going to be more than 100 seats honestly or less than you only had 150. And we're probably going to be going to a smaller, more modernized venue. So get on it. And if anything, go to our website, subscribe and give us are your email so that we can be sending you newsletters and updates all the time. I'm so on. And thanks God so much for your time. We're just gonna you guys are all You were awesome

Jody Sedrick  1:08:05  
for us. I will actually she tried to call me while you're on Twitter on me. Why aren't you picking up? I'm like, Well, I'm present right now, right? I'm just super excited to be a small part of it. And you guys that are listening, join the class, because we're all on the journey together. So become questor's. Yep.

Jacob Harmon  1:08:32  
And a lot of what we offer is completely free. subscribe to the podcast, and we're going to be releasing podcast episodes every week. Yeah. So even if even if that 10 bucks does seem a little steep. There's other things you can do. We're joined the quest I completely agree become a Quester. So

Kalob Valle  1:08:46  
love it. All right. Well, we'll see you later. Johnny. We'll be talking with you soon and hearing from you soon.

Jody Sedrick  1:08:52  
That's right. Well, you guys have a great day, man. Enjoy your Saturday. We'll see you God. See ya.

Kalob Valle  1:09:02  
All right. Okay, guys, this is we've had an awesome day. I mean, I, we were planning on making this about an hour long it's going a little over, but that's totally fine because it's awesome. That was that was really Cedric he's an incredible man. Um, in conclusion for today, we want to thank everybody who's been able to join us in the live stream we've been able to write comments we've been kind of liking and and visiting those comments we haven't had the time that we'd like to go through questions and answer those but we hopefully we'll plan on doing more of these live streams in the future, including these live events that we're going to be happening in the Salt Lake Utah area. And that way you guys will have more opportunities to be able to ask us questions and and learn just kind of from more experienced people like God, but also just kind of get to know us a little bit more. And you guys can eventually learn what drives us and what drives us to help you guys. So um, as the last No, don't forget, don't forget to follow us on Facebook on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, connect with us go ahead and message us anytime use our email. We have an email, don't we? So the people can ask this question we do. It's info at my SuccessQuest com. That's where we get these questions. And in fact, I was thinking about this while we were talking, the people who sent us these questions, we're going to go ahead and email you guys with a free ticket to our next live event. And every one of you who continues to participate in this way. We want you there. We want you there. No excuses. There's no excuse for you to start your journey to success. If you've been holding back on you. The only question I have for you is why you are the most important thing right now. in your life. You should I We love you. We think you guys have such great potential and this is an opportunity of a lifetime. This is anyways I get emotional about this because the reality of the fact is that we're all in this together. We're all in this together. There's no reason that I, Jacob and I are here so that we can try and squeeze out a huge profit from you guys. That's not the point. We want to be able to provide you guys with a valuable experience that's going to help you understand success a little bit more in your lives and help you get progressing in that journey.

Jacob Harmon  1:11:24  
Yeah, and really what we're trying to do with SuccessQuest is build a community. If this all started because Kalob and I were meeting together with a few other business owners, and we were just talking about bizarre bucks. We were meeting at Starbucks once a month, and just talking about business and we were like, you know what, we need to make this bigger, bigger than just a few business owners, or a few people talking. We want to create a huge community and help each other. on this journey. We can learn from you. You can learn from us, we can learn from God and other experts that we bring in. But the whole idea is to build this community where we can all inspire and move motivate each other to become successful. I've thrown our website up on the image that you're seeing right now, right up here. It's hard when it's mirrored here, so go ahead and check us out at my SuccessQuest. com. You can find our podcast there, you can find some blog posts, we need to do better about writing more blog posts, but we have a few up there. You can take a look at some recommended books that we have even an inspiring music playlist. We've created a playlist of music if you just need some music to inspire you. It's available on Spotify and Apple Music. So anyways, go check out all the cool stuff we have on our website. Thank you so much for listening to this today. I know that it was longer than usual. So we will end by just saying have a successful day.

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