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Change Your Life with Lynda Sunshine West
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Change Your Life with Lynda Sunshine West

Show Notes

In this episode we jump into the shoes of Lynda Sunshine West whose upbringing led to an incredible amount of fear and anxiety. Yet through those hardships she rose and became the success she is today! Listen closely and take notes! She has changed her life and soon she may change yours. 

Lynda’s Story

Growing up Father her was an Alcoholic which affected the family both physically and mentally. She grew up with fears of being ridiculed, judged, and abused. At 5 years old she ran away for an entire week to escape. And when she did this... no one came to get her. Fast forward to her adult life, she married someone like her dad. She was hit once, and she got out of that relationship. She couldn't just relive the same life. After she left, she met her current husband (relationship of 31 years now). Now at 51 after hiring a life coach, she has learned to peel away the pain and traumas. Now she has re-emerged as a coach herself. She then decided to follow her passion of helping people. Jumping into business without a "net". She quit her job suddenly and out of the blue to pursue her passion. 

First thing, everyday she decided to face a fear for an entire year. She would wake up and find a fear first thing in the morning then faced it everyday. And she did it. For an entire YEAR. Now she has built up real solid confidence. 

What would you say to someone who is either being abused or dealing with hard times? 

  • Everyday was pain. Fear. No more. 
  • I don't know what you're going through personally, but there are ways out of that. But the thing you have to do is GET AWAY. 
  • Live your life with NO REGRETS. 
  • Reach out to people, even strangers, find SOMEBODY who you can talk to. You need to be HEARD. You have a decision. 

Lynda has always had a burning desire to do something great. But to get out of the "rut' she was in, she had to find ways to change her mindset, her pattern of behavior. 

"You're either interested or you're committed. A want isn't a commitment." Value Bomb! 

How do you define Success? How did you decide you weren't successful in your well paying job? 

  • Everyday driving to work was the worst. 
  • Work was a source of sadness.

How did Spirituality factor into your story?

  • It didn't really play a role growing up but there was a time where she felt she had found Jesus. 
  • If you truly have faith you know things are going to work out. 
  • Check in with your faith

Tell us a little about what you're doing now! 

  • Women’s mastermind program
  • Helping others find their purpose. 
  • Help women gain confidence, clarity, and focus

Check out Lynda at Women Action Takers, or find her on Social Media with Lynda Sunshine West. 

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