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A Message from Kalob
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A Message from Kalob

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This week, Kalob talks about SuccessQuest and what we’re trying to accomplish. He talks about our upcoming events and how you can help and support us. 

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Kalob Valle  0:11  
Hey there, and welcome back to another episode of success quest. I am Kalob via. And today I am all alone. Unfortunately, Jacob has been so swamped recently that he couldn't be with us on this podcast episode today, which is totally fine. Because we understand that right life gets busy, life gets hard. And you know, we just keep moving forward anyway, so a lot of Best wishes out to Jacob. And he's just been, he's just worked so hard, guys, he does so much on top of just success quest. So I mean, we get lucky when he's on the podcast with us. I mean, you guys should feel like it's a lucky day when he gets to be on. Fortunately for you guys, you get to hear just from me. Now today, before we go ahead and pop right into it, I just want to warn you ahead of time, this is going to be much shorter episode than usual because it is just myself. And I don't want to be nine your ear off the entire time. But I would like to direct everyone's attention to our websites. I know I've said this before, but it's so important. Guys, I know, if you're listening to this podcast is because we're doing something to help you in your life. And you get to see the growth that me and Jacob are having. But if you guys haven't already gone to our website at www dots my success and subscribed to us with your email address, then you are missing out seriously, because we it's only through email that we're going to be able to send you guys notifications and updates and newsletters about the big things that are going on with this business. If you guys are new to this podcast, and you guys are hearing this for the very first time, let me introduce you to what it is that we want to do what the dream is our dream, our mission is to revolutionize the way we perceive success, the way we educate ourselves. So that we can actually take steps towards accomplishing our dreams towards fulfilling our aspirations in life. Because those are so important, I can't stress how important it is that your dreams are to this world. I mean, you've probably had a couple of amazing ideas already in your lifetime, and you've never acted on them. And whether it's out of fear or laziness, or whatever it may be, I feel that the world needs those. And, you know, following your dreams doesn't necessarily have to be some crazy invention or you know, become the next

Zuckerberg or Apple product or business. It doesn't need to be any of those things success, as long as you can wake up in the morning, and love who you are, and, and spread that love to the people around you. I think that's a huge part of what success is. We we believe that wholeheartedly here at success quest, we're not on the quest to become millionaires, you know, overnight, we want to take those steps to realize that I need to focus on my family more, or you need to be more focused on your studies, or follow your career ideas, or your business ideas and success quest, we are your ultimate resource to be able to learn those things. Now, the cool thing about success quest is we focus on all the facets that equate to success, okay. That's why it's the quest for success. And we focus on physical success, and spiritual success, and emotional, and social and financial success. All of these things are important. And you can't just have one of those aspects and call yourself successful, you have to kind of be focusing on all of those things. Now, not all at once. But it's important to know, in what areas you you can improve in all of those aspects. Because that's the only true way we're going to become successful in this life. And I mean, if you can improve yourselves in any of these waves, you are improving your day to day lifestyle, it's going to change you and change who you are and who you'll become. It's incredible. And Jacob and I originally wanted to do this because we wanted to do it for ourselves. But then we decided, you know, there's so many other people out there who want to accomplish that. And they just don't have the time, or the energy for it. And Jacob and I were like, let's be those people for you. Let's be the ones who research and are working day to day and we can kind of talk about what we're learning and what we're seeing the change in our lives. So far, in my personal life, I have seen a difference. It's not a super drastic difference. But I've seen a larger difference than I anticipated I would see during the span of just when we started this podcast. It's amazing. And we've talked about different ways to keep yourself more physically fit, which doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym all the time, we've talked about ways to keep yourself more emotionally sane. When times get hard. And all of these things every time we talk about them, I see myself under a different light each and every day. Now, I don't know about you guys about you questions out there who've been listening for a while, I hope you've been able to see a similar difference by making us a part of your everyday life.

But I can, I can tell you that I felt a difference, which is incredible. It's incredible. just slowly focusing on all these different basics of success, the foundation of success has improved my life dramatically. Now, I mean, I could talk forever about that. But today, I just kind of wanted to sit back and evaluate our efforts here at success quest with you guys. Okay, we have had a consistent amount of listeners. And we're so grateful to you guys for listening. Again, if you guys haven't already subscribed to the podcast, or gone to our website and subscribe to us via email, go and do that. Oh my gosh, so many big things are coming to success quest. And I'm so thrilled for all of us, because it's going to be such a beautiful experience for all of us. We are planning I mean, this podcast was just kind of the first step of many, right? I mean, we are planning we have in the works coming to Utah, a month by month event. So I mean, we're going to have events every month. And when I say events, I mean, there's seminars, they're kind of like conferences, but they're more, they're more modern, it's not just like your regular Oh, let's go to the hotel over there, because they're going to be talking to us about how to enter the real estate arena. And it's super fancy. And then they talk to us for four hours. And then they sell the program. That's what $1,500 or $5,000 or 12,000, I've sat down and all of these types of things. And they, they sell you on just the most expensive product, their whole teach you quote unquote teach you session, right where they're mentoring you is, is just one big sales pitch the whole entire time and it bugs the crap out of me, it bugs the snot out of me so much because people are there to learn, they want to have their lives changed, but they not everyone is going to go out and put $5,000 on their credit card to learn those things. And I can't tell you how many times I've kept up with people who have purchased those programs for 5000. Even upwards of 70 $500 and lowest I've seen anyone pay for one of their programs $500. And every time I keep up with them, and I mean, some of them were good. A lot of them were a joke, okay, I mean, I've seriously felt so bad for some of these people, because they spent so much money to learn something that they thought was gonna change their lives and and and they're not changing their lives. Guys, this is not going to be like that. This is this is different. We're not going to be selling programs, we're not going to be spending the entire time trying to get you hooked on a specific product, or like me enough. So you buy something huge. No, no, no, no, this is different. Why is it different? Okay, that's what I'm going to get into tonight, we are focusing so much more on your individual growth, every single event is tailored in a way that you'll be able to understand and learn a different facet of success through the eyes of someone who is in that way successful. And it's going to be different every month, we're going to have keynote speakers come and they're going to, they're going to speak to you from the bottom of their heart from their experience in life. And they are going to be there with only the best of intentions to tell you guys how it is that they got successful in that arena of life. I'm just excited because I know these I know these people, I've gotten to know them over time. And they are just amazing individuals with amazing stories. And each time I just, it just fills me with hope it feel it teaches me new strategies, new ways to look at what I'm doing day to day, and how I can improve. It's incredible. And I know that this is just going to be so awesome for you guys. And I know we've already I don't know if we've discussed how much this is going to cost, but it's going to be incredibly affordable. It's nothing like you've ever experienced before. Um, and the other thing is that we want to do these events month to month, I know I kind of touched on that earlier, but I wanted to say it again, because it's not going to be where I want a huge event in the year, and it's going to be great. And then three weeks later, you've lost that Mojo, you've lost that feeling that that someone is there to kind of guide you. Because it happens I've had that happen to me multiple times. This is what where you're going to be able to commit to yourself, honestly, and say, Hey, if I can continue to go to these events every month, you know, take three to three hours of my life out of my life every month,

I can make a drastic difference in the way I perceive how I'm going to become successful. In fact, you'll be taught strategies and methods, different methods, methods you're not used to or that make you feel uncomfortable, maybe that will help you become more successful in your life, this is just going to be such a fun thing that we do. I'm excited about it. And I hope I can get you guys excited about it too. In fact, we're going to be having so many things when we announced our very first event coming to you guys, it's just going to be such a blast. So that's why I tell you guys go go subscribe to us on our website, because then you can know when that event happens. And we'll probably be giving away a lot of free tickets to the people who are listening to our podcast, because you guys are priority to me, Jacob, we prioritize you guys, we take a lot of time out of our lives to research and study up things about for our podcasts, and we take time out of our days to not only record the podcast, but to edit them and to post them and get you guys hyped about them.

So, and these, the events are they're not going to just be in person, although they're going to be obviously much better and person what isn't better in person. But they're going to be virtual ones as well for those who are not in Utah who will not be able to attend so that way you guys can also from wherever you are in the world, be a part of the SQ family. You know, other things that we're excited about doing on is that we want to have a sort of become a success quest, quest or membership. And if you guys become an official Questor, then you guys will have access to our special calendar, which is going to have all the special networking dinner, the only question is can attend. And we're going to be doing service projects because I think there's nothing more valuable. There's no more valuable use of your time then going out and serving the people in your community and helping those around you. Because I truly believe and I know all of you do, too, you've experienced this at one point or another, that giving for some reason is such an important aspect to becoming successful. I don't know what it is. It's some weird karma thing, right. But when you give of your time and your effort to, to help somebody that comes around, tenfold comes around huge, the turnarounds amazing, you see such a boost of success in your life. And so we want to make sure people understand that and get an opportunity to kind of get out of their comfort zone and do something that's awesome. So we're going to be working with lots of local charities to provide really cool project x and, and fun little things we get to do here in their giveaway. Some t shirts, it's going to be great. It's going to be so awesome. But yeah, guys like this is this is much more I don't know if you guys have had what what you guys have been thinking success quizzes up to this point. But it is so much more than just this little podcast with two guys. This is going to be a huge deal. We want to make this into a large community not not just here in Salt Lake City, Utah, either we want to make this as big as we possibly can. We want to reach as far as our hands can reach, which is pretty stinking far thanks to the internet. So I mean, we kind of just need a lot of your help. We need a lot of your help. We've worked. We've worked really hard. Jacob and I have been working so long and hard on this over a year now, which is crazy. Because we've only started the podcast this this summer. I feel like it was the beginning of the summer, I think. But yeah, it's been a while What have we been doing, we've been doing a lot of prepping and a lot of planning the things that are the come here really soon. So my my only plea for everyone listening is to get on board. Get on board get help us out by sharing these podcast episodes with your friends either on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, getting people to visit the website is the biggest one of all if you if you have a friend, who's been talking about wanting to start up a business or having had troubles with their day to day job, or trying to figure out how to take that next step in life, if they're reading lots of books and stuff, this is what they need. This is what they need, because this is going to get huge. It's gonna get so big. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. I know it's a little different from what we've done in the past, but I just kind of wanted to step back and kind of talk about what it is that we're trying to accomplish here. Get you guys more in the zone, start rekindling some of that fire for some of the bigger things that are going to happen here soon. You guys are great. Seriously, keep on going keep on truckin. Like us on Facebook, Instagram, follow us. Comments, email us, we love it when we receive emails or we have people commenting it's so awesome to be able to reply to you guys and to send private messages and say like, Hey, you guys are awesome. And we get to talk to you guys for a little bit get to know what it is you're trying to accomplish in life and that's that's always the best. So go ahead, give us give us a shout out. Share us. If you guys tag us as well. We'll make sure to comment into like the post as well. You guys are great. So on Take care and have a successful day.

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